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hello friends/warriors,

i was wondering if any of you can help with something.

i have some small sites that are built around just one keyword. i have the exact match domain for each website, and have three to five articles targeting the same kw. now here's my question...say i have a website called "" with three articles that target the phrase "how to raise puppies." if i want to target a new, low-comp keyword, say, "what to feed your sick puppy," how do i go about it?

i'm quite confident with my on-page seo methods...what i want to know is, what should i do after i write and upload that article to my site? how can i make sure that when people type in "what to feed your sick puppy," my article will appear high in the serps?

these new, secondary keywords that i'm planning to target have low search (100 to 600 exact match searches) and low comp (0 to 20 SOC in mnf). i guess what i want to know is whats the most convenient and efficient way to rank for these secondary keywords, given that they have low comp?

thanks in advance for your inputs.
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