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I am about to purchase a site that deals with funny/viral pictures and videos. The site currently doesn't have any sort of mailing list, but it has a ton of traffic. And I was thinking of starting a list with all that traffic.

Do you think it would be beneficial to start a list? If so, what do you think I could promote to them? Would the best idea just be to send them back to the site and hope they click on ads?
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    You will need a giveaway to get them to sign up to your list.
    Then there a a lot of ebooks around about how to post in You Tube and Pinterest that you could promote as an affiliate - try JVZOO for starters
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    You can ask them to sign up to your list. It is really important that you need to promote products those are related to your niche.

    Hope this helps.
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    Offer something for free, build a list, throw adsense on the site, maybe 1 affiliate product... but load the site up with funny pics and videos so that they can stay on your site for a while... and hopefully click on a few ads in the process.

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    Building a list is always a good idea... if these people are interested in funny pics, chances are they will be interested in photography and related stuff... In fact I think such a sight can be brilliantly monetized using adsense...

    but the real revenue can come by selling posters... try promoting posters (start with funny posters). try amazon.com, arts.com, allposters.com, wallnaments.com... these are sites which pays you commission if you can sell their posters

    try selling t-shirts from zazzle or cafepress... you know what, if the traffic is good, there are endless possibilities...

    hope this helps
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    Building a list is a good idea, you can offer a funny pic of the day email, you send them to a blog and place a CPA offer below the picture you can test with email/zip submits. I'm sure you can drive the income up that way.
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    give them something interesting or something that they couldn't find before... a new experience in a new field... something like that
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    A good list is always helpful. To make a list from your traffic you need to offer something important for them, or they will not subscribe for your list. When you will have that list, it will be very much helpful for promoting your product. You can use adsence or any affiliate program depending on your site.

    check out the Pros and Cons of CPA

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