So what is up with the new Digg?

by RanD
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I am not a huge follower of all things Digg, but I did know that they were redoing the site. However, I thought that the changes were just going to be cosmetic, but it turned out to be a complete revamp. While it looks better, the site seems rather pointless now.

Currently you can only log in using Facebook. That will certainly affect a lot of IMer's. Their goal is to cut down on spam submissions, and that will definitely slow it down. Unfortunately, it will also alienate people that don't like using facebook.

Apparently the Digg API is all new, and essentially a clean slate, at this point. They said that it will be a while before they have anything in place. I guess any apps that relied on that will no longer work.

It looks like older links are gone. The ones that show up in the Google search results take you to a "this page cannot be found" page. Not sure if those links just haven't moved yet, or if they are gone for good.

It also seems that a lot of the functionality, of the site itself, is gone. There are no categories to view the topics that interest you, and there is no way to browse the site. You are stuck with the "Top Stories", "Popular", and "Upcoming". By the way, these are all on the same page, these are all on the same page. Digg is one page. You have a few dozen articles to view, and that is it. There are no "view more" options anywhere, no new archive, and no search function. There is also no place to comment. You can digg an existing top rated article, or share it, but that is all.

While there is an option to submit a link, it appears to be useless. It does not show up anywhere, and you can't even view links you have submitted. Digg seems to just be pulling in the top rated Facebook and Twitter links, with diggs being a tertiary factor in what appears on the page.

It looks like the current version of Digg is nothing more than a low rent syndication site pulling it's content from Facebook and Twitter data. Needless to say, digg will be useless to Internet Marketing. But, more importantly, it lacks all the sense of community that made it popular in the first place. It has no social aspects left to it. What is the point? You log into the site for what? To click a digg on a handful of articles? There is no other reason. Digg has it own voting tool, but without a community, who is going to care?

Even as a news syndication site, it is severely limited. There are bloggers out there doing a better job of syndicating/curating news. I see no point to the site in its current state. You log into to the site using Facebook, their articles are chosen based Facebook and twitter votes. You might as well just use Facebook, and use their "Like" button to vote. They, at least, allow you to comment on the articles, at FB.

I understand why they needed to change some things, but now Digg has lost it's identity. As it is now, it seems pointless. Maybe I am missing something, but I don't get the complete change of format.
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    Do people really visit digg just to read its content? I think people who visit digg are only those who submit their new links....

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      Yes, people went there to read stuff. That was the purpose of the site. Most Internet marketers likely only went there to post, but the community went there to read. Who do you think was doing all the voting/digging? With it being sorted into categories you could browse for the types of news that interested you.

      It wasn't like Ezine. There were legitimate, quality news items being submitted, but with IM came a lot of garbage submissions. Most of the digg community hated all the spam, and likely welcomed some type of change in that regard. Unfortunately, it seems that in the process of removing junk submissions, Digg also removed the community.
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    yea i noticed that today i think it sucks
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    Digg has sucked for a long time. As for being worthless to IMers, it wasn't created for IMers so who cares?

    It was sold so it's under new management. I imagine they have some plans for it ... maybe, but I never liked the site to start with, so I don't see it being on my favorite sites list.
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    LMAO, Digg is finished. They had an increase in traffic a few days ago when they launched however, they're traffic is taking a straight nose dive now XD. They in big trouble, but now all the users on it are authentic and real, I guess the plus side no more trolls n what not.

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    Yeah, all the users are authenticated through Facebook, but why would they bother. There is no community there. You cannot comment on anything. The only thing you can do is click the digg button on the handful of articles that are posted. There is nothing else to do or see on the site. If you are going to log into facebook, you might as well just "Like" it. At least FB lets you comment.

    I am just baffled by the business decision of removing the community base. That is what made Digg what it was. I assumed that is why they were bought out; to leverage the existing community. I figured that they would fix the problems that made it start slipping, and then build the community back up.

    What they have going now is a news syndication site that is not as good as most of the blogs that are out now. I have to think that they plan on bringing back the social aspect, but I would have expected them to work that out prior to changing over, rather than risking losing what was left of the community.

    Just curious, is all. It seems like a strange way to go. <shrug>
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    That is pretty normal. Unless your article is really good, it will get buried pretty quickly. The backlink is what you are mostly after, any additional traffic is a bonus.

    Though, with the change, it looks like all past backlinks from Digg will be gone.
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    Sadly their trying to make it popular again with real people on it I guess, but yeah thats what made it cool, the non facebook login required community that shared some pretty cool stuff now and then. Its going to slowly turn into a Reddit copy now at this rate...

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    i checked it out after the launch, i really liked it better before
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    Millions of users effected with new digg interface. All digg links sacked from search engines. And this new design not easy to understand.
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