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So my business idea is to take what I have already been doing and turn it into a business. I love tutoring and I did it part time last year. I was a very smart student in high school and the public school system in NY is a mess.
I became the top employee in my company.... and helped many students pass their state exams and I had a high school scholarship so here is my idea.

To become a SUPER high school coach.

My idea is to write a free ebook, print it out and distribute it among high school students. It will be full of massive high value content (more so than most of their teachers lol). And my idea is to visit schools, give talks, and share my ideas and tips about how I could make them pass their exams, help them succeed and more importantly, make studying fun for them.

So my plan is so set up a website business where I can coach them in different forms. (online coaching, offline coaching, one on one sessions etc). Obviously I am a REAL expert in tutoring field because I have many REAL client testimonials and success to back it up. So, I will take my free book, give a talk, give lots of valuable tips and then promote my business.

I REALLY want these students to succeed and its my passion. So what do you guys think of the idea? Any feedback would be appreciated
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    I think it sounds like a good idea. What I like is that you are giving of yourself. That makes you unique and if you can prove that your tutoring delivers results, there's no reason you would not be able to make a success out of it.

    Your initial problem will be getting testimonials but you could start with a special offer on the basis that you are looking for them. Once you have success with your students, get the best ones onto your sales pages - as testimonials - and that should help you with conversions.

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      thanks for the feedback
      I have one solid gold testimonial
      but yeah i will def need more but i feel like once people start using my services, the testimonials will automatically start rolling in because I fully believe that I can make a difference.

      I guess my challenge is a) convincing schools and b) setting up the website and the whole technical aspect of the business

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    I see it this way:

    If there is a demand for it and someone is willing to pay for this info, then it will be a winner.

    If you give this to enough students or schools, you may ask for testimonials. This should help a lot.
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    This sounds really good - you seem to have already served part of the market so there might be a demand.

    The thing is you need to think of how this can make you REAL money. Since students don't tend to have cash overflowing consider targeting parents who are keen on having their kids succeed.

    This will probably include affluent families. I strongly recommend you take a look at Dan Kennedy's "No BS Marketing to the Affluent".

    Another thing you may want to understand that in your business what will essentially bring you the most success is your position as a celebrity within your market.

    Might seem crazy, but people will hire a person for a lot of money just because they are famous, even if there is another person with a better track record.

    Simply put, put careful consideration on how this will make you money and how much.
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    It's a good idea for getting your marketing going. You may want to offer schools like extra mini-classes for free to the students and then upsell them the tutoring. You can also add in the ebook a free 15 minute consultation with you on the phone about their problems and then you upsell them again your tutoring on the phone. Hope that help.
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    I also think that it sounds like a good idea, I like the idea of giving away a free ebook to deliver value and gain trust, you also have the passion to deliver that value. A good source to market to also would be the parents and they are the ones with the $$$ to spend on it. Probably only the most responsible student outside of the university level would spend their money on tutoring guides. Not unless they thought they would be able to get straight A's buy purchasing.

    I think that it sounds like a good idea though.
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    Does the niche exist for what you're trying to do? Have you done the research or at least spoken to teachers, parents, and other schools also?

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    I think part of the marketing plan will include knowing that it's really parents who will pay for your services, not students. You have to convince the parents that your tutoring will benefit their teenagers.

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    1. how many clients do you currently have for tutoring?
    2. do you think that the ebook will help you get more clients?

    if you do create an ebook, feel free to let us see it. would love to check it out.


    ps. just clicked on your 30 day journey and saw it was closed. why not setup a tumblr or wordpress blog with what you are learning. would love to read it.

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