How to Earn $100 per day?

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Anyone is welcome to also share their own list of best suggestions.

Here's a helpful & powerful formula that is grounded in reality:

1) Identify an area of marketing that SPECIFICALLY you like and are personally are strong in (i.e driving traffic, building seo blogs, buying and selling domains, creating videos, writing copy, etc)

2) Focus on that one thing more than on anything else each day and do that one thing everyday.

3) Then leverage the things that others are better at than you. For example. If you are strong at creating videos, but not so proficient at SEO and backlinking, then make a new video every day and outsource the SEO/BL stuff at a place like

4) Make sure whatever business you are a) can produce daily cash flow b) can build growing residual income and c) is highly likely to be around for years to come and is not industry or company dependent (ie dependent on google).

With this focused mindset and plan of action, you cannot lose and will build your daily income. You are delivering REAL (not phony) value because you are producing out of your strength(s). There are always people who need this because your strengths are their weaknesses. The key to this is not do too much too fast, spread yourself too thin, and attempt to "be all things to all people". Think about the physical business world. Most of the time there are departments....front office, accounting, IT, sales, advertising, etc. Trying to do it all is so risky because it almost always leads to lower productivity, poorer quality work, and ultimately disappointment. Don't fall into this deceptive pattern of operation. Once you focus in on your strength(s) and leverage others' strengths and turn that into a profit center (income stream), then move on to something else and repeat with the same plan, while hopefully maintaining the original income stream.

Again most of your day should be spent capitalizing on your true strength(s) while doing what you like (usually they are the same) in order to remain motivated. The lesser part of your day should be spent on developing and building new strengths.
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