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by Donimo
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What products do you use for your OTO's when list building?

I have been looking at a few ebooks with resale rights, however I heard promoting WSO's is also a good way.

What in your experience are the best product/s to promote to Internet marketing subscribers after squeeze page?
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    you are going to get millions of different answers.

    You first have to understand the mindset of your visitors/customers.

    do a lot of testing.

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    I wonder if you're using the OTO's as your SLO?? There's actually a TON of OTO's out there. is good. If you're using the OTO's as SLO's, then WSOs might be the way to go. Cheap and SUPER INFORMATIVE! You build BUYERS list by building relationships with list. You build relationships by providing OUTSTANDING content.

    Hope this helps ya out! :-)

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    Choose a product that you believe will offer value to your subscribers and will help enhance their lives in a positive way.
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    The easiest way to build a list is to use the famous strategies of pay it forward, give to receive, care to share and people helping people. Don't go for the sale in your first contact, this is old school and no longer works in this competitive environment, never mind deep recession. Research products or services of value and give them away, this is what works best in my experience. As example, everyone responds to free, and to close deal, let fear of loss work for you. I don't like to sell, but I do like to tell others of great deals I have found. If you could give away $100.00 incentive and earn a $100.00 for each, do you think you could build a huge list? Yes, you could, in fact anyone could.

    Success to all,
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    Is this a trick question? Products that relate to the overall theme of the stuff you're marketing. :rolleyes:
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    on one of my lists i was growing i had my own $5 product which i sold as the OTO and then used one of my WSO`s as the upsell which was around $17

    i was finding that for every 4 - 5 people that bought my OTO bought my WSO upsell at $17 too

    so WSO`s do work you just have to find a good one which is related to your OTO

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    Don't listen to the guy that says give everything away for free and then expect charity. That simply doesn't work. If you look at open and click through rates for any follow-up series, the promotional content always gets the best response.

    Agressive marketing works best. If you're afraid to ask people for their money you can't win. By all means, use an OTO, if not also an upsell. You need to have valuable content that builds trust, but if you are not promoting something that your list wants at every opportunity, you are boring them and costing yourself money.

    Build a MASSIVE list with this premade, highly optimized funnel plus $16 front-end commissions

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