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does anyone know how to make amazon affiliate links a 'no-follow' in WP. The link juice or whatever you call it get pass on that product and amazon becomes a competitor instead of just waiting for the leads to come to them.

I hope other amazon affiliates who use WP also do this so one competitor, which unfortunately the hands that feeds us, does not become part of the competition.

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    Look for Wordpress nofollow plugins. There are some (don't recall the names off the hat but have used them) that will make the links nofollow.

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    yes just search in plugins of wordpress no follow they willl surely solve the problem. if not send me a pm
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      Is it really necessary to no-follow you affiliate links? Does anyone have any proof that this is beneficial to your site?
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        I'm not sure about PROOF, but if you have hundreds (or thousands, depending on size) links going to outside sites, I can imagine that this might have an effect...

        Then again, what about all those curation sites that also have links go all over the place.

        If they aren't hurt by that, maybe neither will Amazon sites. After all, we're sort of curating their stuff ;-)

        Would love to find out the answer to that one too.


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        Originally Posted by pepper81 View Post

        Is it really necessary to no-follow you affiliate links? Does anyone have any proof that this is beneficial to your site?
        Take a look at this recent video where Matt Cutts says something about

        I'll nofollow my affiliate links, but if this really has a postive aspect or not, I don't know, and I'd like to know

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          Like a lot of other things, I think it depends. I have Amazon review sites that I did years ago in html. I was a newbie and didn't even know about the possible advantages of nofollow. These sites are specific to one product and are about 6 pages each. Quite a few of them are still on the first page of Google despite algo changes.

          But, if like Elisabeth (WordWizard) suggested, you have thousands of links heading out of your site with an affiliate link, I think you might want to go the nofollow route. That's sure what I do on my big sites that review products in an entire niche, not just one product. I don't cloak or shorten the link, I just nofollow it.

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