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I am sure that this question has been answered before but I cannot find an answer. My site has been indexed in google but it is nowhere to be found. I scrolled through 20 pages and it is not in any of them. Is this normal? How long does it take to show up in google? :confused:
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    Welcome to SEO my newbie friend.

    If its competitive, it may take a while for it to get to a decent rank.

    Read up on on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

    You need quality optimized content + good links pointing to your site.
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    Start a blog related to your website and put your website link in your posts and other areas of your blog. Google will find it immediately and put it into their search results.
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  • It takes time to be up in google or in any search engines but if want to it appear on the first page you would have to submit your website to as many search engines as you can or you may also use PPC. These 2 are some of the fastest way for your website to be on the first page.
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    Hi Brittney,
    You need to keep building quality backlinks to the pages of your site and it will start to move up over time. By quality backlinks, I mean links from authority sites with high page rank, web 2.0 sites, .edu and .gov sites and try to build a social presence through Facebook and Twitter and so on.
    Also continue to add good quality content to your site and you'll start to see an improvement in your rankings.
    Like asiancasanova in the above post suggested, it would be a good idea for you to read up a bit about on page and off page seo.
    No one can really tell you how long it would take for your site to achieve decent ranking because it depends on how competitive your keywords are. The more competitive, the more you have to work on it. But be consistent with your efforts.
    Best of luck.
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    FYI, you can check if your site is indexed by searching this line in Google:

    There are a few of the web tools that let's you check your Google ranking position:
    Google™ Website Position Checker » Keyword Tracking Tool
    Google Rank Checker - SERP Ranking Tracker Tool
    Google Keyword Tool

    You will need your URL, and the keyword you are searching for your website!

    Hope that helps
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    If your website is not ranking for any of your keywords, then more than likely the website will not be found. Plus normally you have to wait at least 2-3 days for the Google indexing to be shown.
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    SEO is an on-going process, you won't be seeing results immediately. It takes time.

    Build some social networking links, post your site links on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Social Bookmarking sites. Ping all your links.

    You need to have high authority links to get it ranked well in Google such as High PR contextual links, Web 2.0 properties, High PR related blog comments, Forum links, Guest posts, etc.

    Just use the search option here and you'll find a lot of useful info.
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    Originally Posted by brittneyj View Post

    I am sure that this question has been answered before but I cannot find an answer. My site has been indexed in google but it is nowhere to be found. I scrolled through 20 pages and it is not in any of them. Is this normal? How long does it take to show up in google? :confused:
    That's because you must begin building high quality backlinks to your site for the keywords you would like to rank for. Ranking number 1 isn't going to happen overnight but with the right On Page SEO and Off Page SEO you will begin seeing improvement
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      Keep adding quality articles to your website.

      And here are a few additional things you can do.

      If you have a Twitter account with lots of followers, put it in your profile section. And also tweet it every now and then.

      Build a few Squidoo lenses and link to your website from there.

      Plus publish a press release or several. They also help.

      If you do these things, (and not all on the same day!!!) but over a period of
      a couple of weeks, you'll start to get some real progress.

      Also, don't always use the same keywords! Google doesn't like that anymore.

      Good luck!


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    Even if a website has been indexed, it doesn't usually show right away on the search engines. You need to do SEO which is basically about On-page and Off-page optimization. Plus, the content must be good. When we say On-page optimization, this is about putting the meta-tags on your website and when we say Off-page optimization, this is about creating backlinks.

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    Now a days its very common problems to us.I'm also suffering form those problems and i think you can solve your problems very easily by publishing your website correctly and also starting blog related worked.
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    Thank you so much for the replies. Everyone has been so helpful.
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    I believe everyone else mentioned almost everything that I want to share to you except for one thing - guest posting. I've been seeing some threads on guest posting lately. Look for websites that have a niche related to yours. Offer them a free blog with your links on it.

    Some of our clients in our content writing services are paying us to write guest posts for their clients. You can do the same guest posting either by writing on your own or by outsourcing the content writing part.
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