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I am ever-so-grateful every time I hear Robert Kiyosaki remind me that "making money" doesn't start with "making money." It starts by cultivating the mindset of a business owner, or an investor... which includes, amongst other things, a financial education.

In one lesson, he said to get 3 piggy banks (or one piggy bank with 3 compartments) and to store a specific amount each day in SAVINGS, TITHING and INVESTING. He said it didn't matter if it was only 10 cents... the key was to DEVELOP THE HABIT.

So, one thing I've noticed around here is that many people are SAYING "thank you" to each other and giving each other some really good advice, but there's very few people hitting the "THANKS" button underneath the helpful post.

But, it's there for a REASON. It helps those who are truly helpful to further develop a reputation for being helpful. How can a person expect to conscientiously make money online when they don't even make the simple gesture of clicking the "THANKS" button to help the person that just helped them?

A la Robert Kiyosaki reminding us that a financial education should come before making money, a human education should come before it, too.

I challenge anyone reading this to go find at least 3 people who shared helpful advice here with you today and use the THANKS button. And consider doing so each time you're here. It might not seem like it would make such a big difference right now, or at all, but trust me, watch what happens over the long haul... people will just plain feel a lot better for your extra, little show of appreciation no matter how small it might seem.

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    If only more people in this strange little world of IM realized the importance and potential
    impact of all the non-IM-based learning materials out there

    Nice post, Eric.
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      Originally Posted by 4Highflyers View Post

      If only more people in this strange little world of IM realized the importance and potential
      That's so true Aron.

      You are right on the money with that Aron.
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    Hi Eric:

    Hope all is well today! Great post. I am often surprised when I look at the number of posts somebody may have and never hit the thank you button. There has to be some thread that was beneficial. I have always made sure to show appreciation for great tips or somebody being a good Warrior.

    Have a fantastic day and yes I clicked the "Thank You" for your post!

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    There are three main types of posts that garner my thanks.

    1. Helpful, useful posts that teach me something I didn't know.

    2. Those that back me up, usually more eloquently, if I put forth an unpopular viewpoint. (They agree with me)

    3. Ones that I completely disagree with, think are wrong, etc. BUT they get me thinking about something I may not have previously considered.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Michael I hope that people who are thanking people broadly follow your policy. The people's viewpoint especially that you may disagree with initially and even continue to delve deeper into his way of thinking is still most often a valid point.
    More importantly it has made you expand your own beyond your fixed way of thinking so you are now forever open to a new set of ideas by taking the time to consider's another way of operating.

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    I like the idea of three separate piggy banks. That's a great idea for teaching kids about the importance of saving money, giving money (tithing), and taking a long-term view about receiving gratification from their money. I appreciate the tip. Thank you!
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    That's so true Aron.
    Hi Matthew,

    It's Adam actually - but Aron sounds pretty cool! I might keep it.

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