[How To] Making money with clickbank and youtube

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Okay so here it goes...

Step 1.
I use cbengine.com for this step as it really helps with finding new clickbank products that convert well. Go to cbengine.com and look on the left hand side where it says "New CB Products". Go through some of these products and look at them yourself. Pick out a high quality product that you think will sell.

Step 2.
Download camtasia studio trial from tecksmith and record a short video about this product. This could be just a few pictures if you are not a confident speaker (Speaking really helps though).

Step 3.
After you have recorded your video go ahead and upload it to youtube. Make sure you have the product name EXACT in the title and in the description somewhere. It is also important where you place your affiliate link, I place mine at the very start of the description so that viewers can see it without clicking the "see more" button.

After you have done this rinse and repeat.

Its that simple.


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