Assistance Needed: Boring Zeekrewards Ad Posting

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Zeekrewards is a great way to make a passive income but the tedious part is this daily ad posting. I am wondering if there is a way to get this done somehow in a more convenient way and how much would be an acceptable fee for such a service.

Maybe their exists already such an ad posting service out there - Does anybody know and/or recommend such a service. Your help is most appreciated.
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    Ok making some research on the web I stumbled upon this press release on Does anyone hear about or have any experience with Rebound Sponsoring and do you think US$9.49 per month to get your daily Zeekrewards ads placed is a reasonable price for this kind of service.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject with me too

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      Hi TropicalCEO,

      Have you heard about AdAssure which is an ad posting service of ZeekRewards?

      I discovered it last month from a friend and I was very happy because I no longer have to worry about posting my ad every day; they will manually post your ad not just once but twice a day and the best part is they will be posting it in a premium site so there is a higher possibility of getting more customers and affiliates and you no longer have to look for websites that offer free advertising.

      What I am enjoying right now is that I can be very busy the whole day without worrying about posting my ad, all for about a dollar a day.

      Check AdAssure, a ZeekRewards ad posting service in the search engines.
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    Thank you RoyalPen I will check it out too
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      I have been hearing alot about this zeek rewards, does it really work? seems like one of those fly by night programs to me. what design of this business model makes it so special and is there any longevity?
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    I wonder if this would work for BidNerds as well? I'm just getting started with it and having pretty good success. Has anyone actually gotten an affiliate signup with one of these posted ads?
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    Man, the whole Zeek thing just seems to have Ponzi scheme written all over it from the small amount of research I've done - sure there are people making money now, but is it really sustainable?
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    Please see this ZeekRewards review:

    Hope this will help you guys.
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    I am a beneficiary of ZeekRewards.

    And you can too. Make sure to be assisted by AdAssure (a ZeekRewards ad posting service) so that your home subscription page, online store, penny auctions sites and shopping daisy will be readily available to all the US people. They are potential customers! This will increase your VIP points and cash rewards! You can actually convert your VIP points and cash rewards into cash after 90 days or shorter.

    Search for ZeekRewards review and AdAssure in the net to see.

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    Ive been using zeekrewards for the past week now and have decide that the best place to post my ads is my facebook page, i get measured daily views through insights, have had 4 optins through my pussy 25 free bids promotion one of which has purchased more bids of their own..

    1 week in and my calculations so far tell me this, if you are looking to make some serious cash zeek rewards isnt going to help you do it without a heap of initial investment and/or time, despite saying you can make money from only posting one ad a day this isnt really the case, theres more work that needs to be done to make money successfully through zeek.

    What I do like about it however is if I wanted to offer a rewards prize for a promotion I want to run in another industry I can buy VIP bids, give them away and earn my money back on that investment within 90days providing you are using the ideal %buy back system. I havent found any other system that gives me the chance to give money/bids to someone they can then go and spend only to have the company give me back that money over 90days with a bit of profit tagged on the end.

    It has its advantages, making money is possible but not if you're not really willing to spend money first however im still deciding whether or not the investment maybe be better used in a bank on a term investment option or something, early days
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