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So I'm just getting a site going, I've got 6 articles up on it so far and it occured to me that it might be too seasonal? My site is motorcycle related, and based on what I've read I can plan on 45-60 days passing before any traffic starts to build on my site. That'll put me right at the end of the riding season (for up here in the North). Do you think this topic is too seasonal? I ask because I don't want to dedicate all my time to this and then have to sit on it till spring to see any traffic. Thoughts?
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    By no means I'm an expert on motorcycles, but I do know that when in the North Hemisphere is winter, in the South one is summer.

    Also, you can address issues that can be solved in off season such as repair, maintenance, improvement, etc.
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  • You don't need to wait 45 - 60 days to get traffic. Go find the motorcycle audience and bring them to your site.
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      Originally Posted by PassiveIncomeTeacher View Post

      You don't need to wait 45 - 60 days to get traffic. Go find the motorcycle audience and bring them to your site.
      Didn't mean to say I have to wait, just that from what I've read this is the average amount of time it takes to build enough traffic to start using adsense or affiliates and see results.
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        Of course it takes time - and anyone who say it's an instant process is blathering....or trying to sell you something.

        So what? By the time spring rolls around you could have a good, busy site and hit the season running in your area.

        Meanwhile, in states like the one where I live, biking is a year round method of transportation.

        If you second guess yourself all along the way it will only slow you down.
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    I have had incredible success with seasonal sites. I have a few that do unbelievable numbers in the summer (outdoor product), and others that do incredibly well from November to January (holiday related).

    I definitely don't think its a waste of time.
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    I see it this way...there is always someplace that someone is going to be riding a California and other places like that there I would not say motorcycles is really a seasonal niche and even if it is its only for a few more months. Why not at least try?
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    Thanks guys, I just needed a pep talk to make me believe that I can make it work. I'm not in too deep yet and was thinking of pulling out to try something less seasonal, but I actually think that this topic isn't as seasonal as I originally thought!
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