Write and Submit 100 Articles -- Can I Not Lose?

by momo3 14 replies
I am struggling with PPC with three products that I've had created. I am sure these babies will sell, but since I am only selling for $15 a piece, and have about a 1% sales rate, I can't make it paying 21 cents a click.

I am thinking about going the long tail article route.

If I had 100 articles written for each of these sites (or 20, or 50), what would be the best approach?

Could I submit them all at once?

I am sure putting 50% of the articles on my site would also be very wise...

Basically -- I am wondering -- how can I market without my friend adwords and SEO for the main terms (Whcih willt ake some time).

Long tail marketing via hosted content (article submissions) and long tail SEO marketing by content on my site.. right? .. and affiliates..
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    Don't submit them all at once but make them targeted and try it out. Use several different accounts maybe.
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      If you are getting conversions at 15 dollars I would test the price at 27 or 47 to see how it goes. Maybe sweeten up the deal with more bonuses. Or work on your copy to improve your headline or add a few testimonials.

      Are other similar products bidding on the same adwords keywords that you are bidding on? How much are the 1-3 spots charging for their products.

      I wouldn't give up on the adwords just yet if you are getting steady 1 percent conversions it shows you that there is life in the campaign.

      I would keep testing to try and improve the profit.

      Another thing you can try is if you are in the top 3 spots for your keywords try lowering your bids a little to get in the 4th spot. You will get a lot less clicks but the conversions will likely be higher and the clicks will cost less.

      Also don't forget after they are your customer you get to sell to them over and over.

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    article marketing is a stellar way to drive more targeted traffic to your site and improve your conversion rates. I would submit to Ezine first, and then once published you can post them on your own site and submit to other directories if you like.
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      So after ezine I can put them on my site?

      Anyone else have any feedback on the rules of placing it on my site?

      I've always thought that it was best to keep submitted content and site content separate because google can penalize...
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        Thanks Terry..... I am aware of the stuff you said.. but its nice to get reminded of that.

        Yes I think I can tweak these things to make them profitable...

        But I guess I want to do some long tail onsite content / SEO / article submitting... Its just tough sometimes to not get the instant gratification that Adwords provides..


        What is the best way to find longtails besides setting up a StatCounter and wathcing the long tails come in via a broad PPC campaign ?

        A membership keyword tool ?

        SEO book and Google's Adwords Keyword tool don't do the best for me..
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          I have heard mixed views on duplicate content penaties from other sites..I look at it like this... google will go with the article on the site with the higher page rank ..but even if google does that,if you have one on Ezine and the other on your site..and google chooses to show the one on Ezine..it is still your article, and if it is well written, the reader will want more, and will click on your link in the resource box... so your not really missing out on too much you know? I have articles with Ezine, that I also feature on my site, and no problems to date. So you can decide for yourself.
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          One thing you may want to do to find long tails is to type the main keyword into google for the niche you are interested in, and view the meta tag keywords on the source code on the home pages for the top ten sites that come up.

          Of course after you get this list you would have to do your research to see how competitive the words are.

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            Here is a quick test:

            1 - Spend the time to create 10 articles for each of your products

            2 - Submit the 10 articles for each product to Ezinearticles.com

            3 - Monitor the traffic they generate

            4 - See which site starts performing the best income wise

            5 - Take the data from step 4 and step 5 and analyze it to determine which site is truly offering the best ROI

            6 - Once yoru best performing site is identified write and submit 100 or more articles then start to focus on yoru next site

            As far as what keywords or keyword phrases you should use - Ezinearticles.com holds the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, you only need to open the candy bar my friend!!!

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              Sell something and then something else.

              I mean backend. Even a 100 dollar product woll sell well at the back end
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                There are many adbrite clones where you can get targeted traffic for about a penny a click, with a 1% conversion that is one dollar per sale.

                The better thing is to find sites similar to yours and get them to link to you. That way not only do you get traffic, but PR also. Traffic from similar sites tends to convert well. Also, you can get bloggers to review your site. A twenty dollar review will typically bring you

                1) Sales of $200-$400 profit
                2) More PR to your site
                3) More traffic
                4) Street Cred
                5) That all important blogger buzz factor
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        I believe that if you put the articles on an ezine directory you should probably wait a week or so and then rewrite the article a bit before you put it on your site.

        Feed the articles to the top ezine directory a few at a time to allow them to get indexed and then get links to your site. If you list them all at one time the articles will slide from the first page too fast.

        There is a plethora if information about article marketing on this forum. Use the research area.

        Get information on growing older and healthier.

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        Originally Posted by momo3 View Post

        So after ezine I can put them on my site?

        Anyone else have any feedback on the rules of placing it on my site?

        I've always thought that it was best to keep submitted content and site content separate because google can penalize...
        The way I understand it... you put the article on your own site and wait a few days until Google lists it, then put it on external sites. That way, you get the first credit for the article, rather than risk duplicate content penalties.

        If you can make the article significantly different for external sites, that would be far better and will give you unique content not found elsewhere. After writing the article, go through and change the wording of each paragraph so the finished article is 85% different. You can test it on DupeCop.

        Article directories can feel bombarded if you submit too many articles at once, which will be bad for you. Break them into 1-2 articles every 3 days or so, rather than posting 5-10 a day to the same directory. Find other places to post them besides article directories. For instance, find sites similar or complementary to yours and offer them your article for their site in exchange for your resource box info.

        If someone can explain how you can submit 100-200-500 articles at once without getting banned from directories, let us know.

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