Buying Website: What Do You Need To Know?

by jeffster 6 replies
I've been trying a few things over the last couple of months. Some have worked, some haven't.

With work and study I only have a limited amount of time and I want to build my income up to 10k+ as soon as possible so I want to use some of the income I have generated myself to invest in websites that are already earning money.

I was wondering if there were some guidelines to buying a website? At the moment I'm looking at:

- proof of traffic
- proof of income
- site verified

What else should I look at. How do I know how long the site has existed?

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    Hi Jeff,

    You need to verify the traffic / earnings income as they are way too easy to fake.

    I'd also recommend that you check the originality of the content (copyscape) and the rights for the product. Also find out if it's been sold anytime / where else and how many copies. Check to see the product is original or PLR too/

    Hope that helps

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      You can use to see how long the site's
      been around and what the previous content was.
      Things to check for are registrar, who is responsible
      for transfer cost, payment method, escrow options,
      hosting costs - things of that nature. It's best to
      clarify everything prior to purchase or sale.
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        OK, thanks for the tips. I'll make sure I keep those things in mind and find out before I bid.

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          Access to look at their Google Analytics is a good starting. If they do not want to give you that type of information then may be able to help.

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            It also might be a good idea to look into the seller of the site. On Sitepoint they have a feedback system (kind of like ebay) and you can also see the past auctions - someone who sells a lot of sites over a long period of time with good feedback is probably pretty safe.

            But that's not to say that someone who is selling only 1 site isn't - it could just be that they only have this one site to sell and they could be as honest as the day is long.

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              As you said, one important factor is the history of the website. You can do a check on this by entering the domain at This can also give you an idea when this site existed .

              Also for traffic you want to find out whetehr the traffic is pumped up or genuine (eg: some use PPC to make the traffic look good). Make sure to look at the sources.
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