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Hey everyone

Beginner here, thought I would consult your wisdom. My website, The Sean Ward Experience, has new content on four days of the week. I'm coming off of working on a TV show in Canada and when I set up the format, I figured that it was a good way to do it so that I could sell my personality. but now I am starting to think that there's too much going on and I might to better to break it up into seperate websites.

The centerpiece is the new videos on Wednesday. The articles on Monday, I want to spin those off into information products. And the way I figure it, when I get good at this internet marketing thing, the business supports the creative stuff and the creative legitimizes the business.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

The Sean Ward Experience

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    While your site could do with some improvements I think spinning off the article content and breaking up the site is a retro step.

    The web has very much moved to and is embracing ever richer content which means video/audio/text/interactivity all integrated and not separated.

    There is absolutely no probelm with creating info products form your existing content.

    There are many people who provide content on lots of pages of HTML. But on every page theyere is a visible but subtle offer to downoad all the pages in the shape of a PDF so they can read it when they want or print it and read it. The examples that I know of have done very well with this model.

    The example highlights that most people will not object to the info being available free. They buy because of convenience and also time saving ... they could go seacrhing thru your site but an info product will save them time and will be much more systematic.

    I'd say, improve what you have rather than break it up thus multiplying all the factors you have to deal with. Also your current content is more extensive and ranks or will rank much better (after improvements) than several or even just two smaller sites.

    The only reason for spinning off content or portions of a site is when the subject matter is diversifying and one part dilutes the focus of the other. But if all the parts speak to the same audience then keeping it together wins pretty much every time.

    Good luck
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