How to find the people in "need"?

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Sometimes marketing comes down to, finding the people that need something that you can provide to them for a price. So how do you find these people that need your product/service.
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    The same way you'd target customers. Research the demographic and target market of your product, and focus on the core group of people who are most likely in need of your product/service.
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    A way you would try to reach customers....
    other kinds of communities
    tons of ways
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      First, you must think of three things: Wealth, Health, And Relationships.

      Now, what are your problems in regards to these?

      Most likely, other people have the same problem.

      Please read the forum rules.

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        Want > Need

        "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
        ~ Zig Ziglar
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    Add keyword(s) + forums in search engine(s)
    Go through the top ten forums.
    Seek out those who needs help.
    Talk story and get people to trust you.
    Then work your magic.
    Rinse and repeat.
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    If you provide a service, create a website for that or try elance, freelancer, fiverr

    If you want to sell something ebay or make an online store or both

    If you want to get affiliate commision create a good site and make SEO

    You don't need to find people in need, just offer what they need so they find that
    For sale. Buy it on Afternic or any of their partner registrars, sach as namecheap etc
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    choose a topic (training dogs, how to get organized, how to get more horsepower in your car, etc)

    then check out the top forums, blogs about those subjects

    see if you can notice what are the common questions that people have about those subjects that keeps popping up

    see if you can notice what are the common problems people are having, is there a common area where people are getting stuck?

    After doing some research you will start noticing common themes, and questions and then you can create your product around the answer to those questions and problems

    I ran my neice through pretty much this same process. She creates makeup tips and advice video for girls on youtube showing them how to correctly put on different makeup styles. and she always has her affiliate links in her videos.

    She makes some nice cash, not much for us, but a lot for a teenager, from those youtube videos.

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    Outsource it from the expert who know what do you want.
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