Why should I (or you) care about Google's Penguin Update?

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I am curious, I just started posting on this forum again last Friday, and haven't been on it since October of last year. (been busy building my business)

In the last week I have noticed a lot of posts and WSO's about Google's Penguin update.

My question is why should I care?

I know most of you are going to say it affects our rankings, but does it really? I haven't seen a change in my site rankings. They have improved but never went down?

And if I should care, why don't you hear about these kinds of changes on the news, or hear about large multinational companies commenting on these changes.

It seems like the only world that is affected by any of Google's algorythm changes is the IM world.

Are IMer's just hyping it up so they can sell more products?
Is it the SEO strategies that some IMer's use, and that is why they are being affected?
Should I really be concerned?

I would seriously like to hear people's opinions about this. And slam me if you want, I am open to learning, lol.

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    errrr, well because thousands of people's sites did lose their rankings. Thousands of people lost a lot of their lively-hood. If you want to play in this game you better know how to keep google happy, or next time it will be your site or worse sites that get creamed and you have no idea why....

    Also of course if you're an authority site that has been around for years with thousands of pages of content and millions of links, or if you're a recognized brand name, or if you spend millions on Adwords, you're going to be safe, but I'm guessing that's not you

    Google algo updates are a BIG BIG deal, no question about it. Just wait till you get hit by one, and you'll see what I mean.

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    The sites that got shafted either made silly mistakes that were rectified or they had used underhand tactics to gain a short term ranking boost.

    Those who concentrated, first and foremost, in providing a quality service to their customers may have even been boosted by Penguin thanks to the quality of their content, be it written, graphical or video. They had natural links from the start.

    I don't understand that the idea of SEO is to first and foremost please Google. Writing for the Search Engines is what got people downgraded in the first place. No, write for your customers and the SE's will rank you well anyway - after all, your customers are also their customers.
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    People who focus heavily on SEO are heavily affected by Google's updates. People who are manipulating the system with a ton of software and tools really get hit hard by Google. People who diversify their traffic sources don't really care too much.
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  • If you doing your sites the right way then you don't have to worry about what google is doing. Grey hat and black hats technique will always be worrying about that google is doing. Building links should be natural! Great content that people want to share.
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