I Applied For A Proper Job! - Almost…

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Hey! This is an interesting one!

I often talk about using your IM skills in the offline world… maybe doing some web design for people or helping with their marketing campaigns, etc. as a way of diversifying your business in the current climate.

Well, today I was browsing around Google and checking out the competition… a good starting point, right?

Anyway I typed in this keyword phrase into Google:-

‘internet marketing middlesbrough’

And several things popped up but this ad jumped out at me:-

This ad was on the first page of Google

Mmmmm….interesting. This takes you here (Gumtree.com):-

That's Me! That's YOU as well!! - £75k / Annum - Nice work if you can get it, right?

But it leads you here…

Errr... a Diet Supplement Site...

WTF!!?? AND yes, it’s got an affiliate program!

Not, exactly a JOB then!

Not only is this unethical IMO but it’s also against the TOS of Gumtree. Naughty then… but real sneaky, right?

Dave B

PS. I also checked ‘internet marketing newcastle’ , ‘internet marketing leeds’ , etc. Same deal.
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    Well I'm not sure any Internet Marketer applying for that 'job' would actually end up paying for anything... (unless they actually wanted Diet Supplements). I'm also not sure that many Internet Marketers would become affiliates for a merchant that uses tactics like that.

    Now, I don't ride a white horse but I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole personally!

    Dave B
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    The thing is, if you look beyond their misleading implementation, there's actually
    a potentially great marketing nugget in there.

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      Originally Posted by 4Highflyers View Post

      The thing is, if you look beyond their misleading implementation, there's actually
      a potentially great marketing nugget in there.

      I agree and I'm already starting to test it out! But people are going to have to be more creative and frankly honest. There really is no need to do it the cack handed way they have.

      And Jay... I know you are joking. LOL! Just don't tell anyone why I'm really in here.

      Dave B
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    Dave.. stop pimping your ads in the main forum.. pay for a WSO you flippin scrooge...

    /joke(just in case anyone thought I was being serious)

    LOL.. nice find Dave.. I bet you'll find a shedload of similar ones one CraigsList too.. That place is full of loonies (well, at least if I say that people won't pollute my most powerful and lucrative marketplace )



    Bare Murkage.........

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    looks like there is some creative marketing by affiliate marketing manager going on
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    Well I actually think that example is plain dumb but I can see a way where you could target something via this route... you don't have to offer jobs on Gumtree... there are loads of other categories.

    I really just can't see anyone buying that stuff via that route or wanting to become an affiliate.

    Dave B
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