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Hi all, im very new to this business and need all the help i can get!!.

What is the cheapest way of creating a list??

I understand there are ways of placing small ads for under $30 a week to produce some opt-ins through giveaways..but where do you advertise your products for this small amount.

I have maybe a budget of $30 a week to advertise...but where???

All help and advice much appreciated!!
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    First do you have something to giveaway to entice people to opt in?

    Put a link to your optin page in your signature here and start answering peoples' questions.
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    thanks for the feedback!!

    i'll have a look right now...how well does getresponse work and is it good value for money?
    Free WSO To Come!!
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      ive had a look, but am i correct in saying this is for autoresponder service??

      i was intending to use aweber for that..sorry im a wee bit confused..

      i understand capturing the names through autorespondrs...but how do you get the traffic to the site in the first place???

      is there another section in the site??
      Free WSO To Come!!
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      Originally Posted by New Life View Post

      i'll have a look right now...how well does getresponse work and is it good value for money?
      I use aweber.

      Here's a quick video I made:

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        Had some really good replies to my question here and im just blown away by the content!!

        Thanks so much for this valuable infromation!!
        Free WSO To Come!!
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    im not too good at writing reports...i do however have lots of products...can i achieve the same objective using the free gift instead?
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      Originally Posted by New Life View Post

      im not too good at writing reports...i do however have lots of products...can i achieve the same objective using the free gift instead?

      I think as mentioned many times, if you are going to build a list then generally you will want to keep them interested and wanting to be part of your list!

      So you will have to provide regular useful and insightful information, not merely product based, but informative and factual or opinionated regular articles.

      A short report is a great giveaway...and remember a short report can just be a few articles put together, but has some form of benefit to your list. If you are worried about your writing skills, then just remember there are 100s, nay 1000s of fellow warriors who could do this for you! (me included, depending on your niche...sorry shameless plug by me!!!)
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    Identify the need, provide information that fills that need then set up your website to collect leads using aWeber and the like. ALso make sure the script you use doesnt take people away from your site. Keep an eye on that.

    All the best!
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    Speaking of free auto responders - what about freeAutoBot? I havent tried it as yet but this is what I will use.
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    You don't have to bother creating your own book if you are getting started. There are so many free viral books in almost every niche which you can leverage off. I am still doing that. I hope to write mine at a later stage.
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    I agree with most of them. Start promoting through your signature and answer people's question here. With the budget of $30 every week, I would hire a writter to write article about any niche your site is about. Submit it to ezinearticle and wait for the traffic to flow. From that traffic people will see your offer on your site and opt in for your newsletter!
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    ive built a list over 100,000 with a lot of help from free giveaways... free report on it here: Download Your Free List Building Report...
    I pity the fool who doesnt "Like" me on Facebook!


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      I would recommend that you start offering a good product or service. Pick a product and stick by it. Don't make the website about the email list - just make the email list a benefit of the site. Present good content to your visitors and they'll have more of an incentive to join your list. Just food for thought.

      =ask me about my unique high quality content articles=
      >>explosive content starting at only $3.50!<<
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        Some things to think about before you start building a list...

        Are you building the list as your whole business model, or as a part of another model?

        What value are you able to offer your subscribers?

        Is this a long-term publication, or a short-term promotional list?

        Who wants the value you intend to offer, and has money to spend on the products you'll promote as part of delivering it?

        Where can you find them online that allows you to put an offer in front of them?

        How quickly can you reliably recover your advertising expenses?

        How will you make money on an ongoing basis?

        If the list offers content, how reliably can you produce or acquire that content on a regular basis?

        One of the reasons so many lists in this field turn into pure advertising is that the creators started out offering content, and realized very quickly that they don't know enough to keep creating it. Know your limits, and have a plan for dealing with them.

        What form will the content take?

        Text? If so, how good are you at saying what you need to say in writing?

        Video? Audio? Same question for those formats.

        Will you offer graphics or web design? If so, how sharp are your skills?

        Can you sell?

        Do you know how to pre-sell?

        Those last two are critical questions. The first if you plan to offer your own products. The second if you plan to sell as an affiliate.

        Spend some time thinking about this, and go through the various possibilities in your head before you start. You'll get where you want to be a lot faster that way.

        Oh yeah... Assume you'll get 1/10 the response rate you expect. Most beginners have extremely unrealistic expectations about how much money they'll make from a given effort.

        Adjust as you gain experience.

        Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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          thanks for all the replies!!!

          seems a bit overwhelming!!!...

          i suppose doing all this work pays off!!
          Free WSO To Come!!
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    Paul made some excellent points.. particularly regarding generating content on a regular basis. I have some lists in niches that don't excite me, and it's tough trying to keep up with providing decent content.

    Sign up for his 'talkbiz' if want a real world education from someone who's excellent at this


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    Like Jason said, giveaways are hard to beat for building a list while spending no money, because other people send the traffic to your opt-in page.
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    Giveaway Events are a great way to start. Look at Jason James (his reply earlier in this post). He has created a list of over 100K, mainly from giveaway events.
    Just get yourself a product or 2 that you can submit to a giveaway event, set yourself up with an auto-responder such as aweber or getresponce and start collecting those emails.
    There are loads of free giveaways happening all the time, so you really can increase your list quite quickly.
    Simple, cheap and will get your list off the ground...a good way to start!

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    Another important factor in a solid list is regular contact.

    From past experiences if you only contact your list to promote your products people will see straight through this. It's important to maintain a relationship with your subscribers. So it is good practice to balance promotional material with free resources and tips and tricks relating to your target market.
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    Hey there,

    Here's how you can quickly generate a good amount of new email subscribers:

    #1 - Get your own Domain and create a Squeeze page.

    (If you don't know what a squeeze page is simply google it, or search for it here in the "search" option in the toolbar tab).

    #2 - Figure out something very valuable to give away for free! ... (In return for the email subscription of course)... Something that you think would benefit a lot of people and would instantly make you want to subscribe.

    #3 - Create a quick video and mentioning: Who you are, what you have, and what you have to do to get your hands on it. (If you don't want to make a video, simply write a small paragraph and add lot of key bullet points and benefits of the thing you will be giving away to them for free)....

    NOTE: ALWAYS Install the opt-in box on the right hand side and the video or text on the left... the reason why is because it converts MUCH better... (don't ask me why it does it just does)...

    #4 - Make a Signature link of the squeeze page here on the forum:
    (Copy how it's setup & looks like exactly how everyone has it in their signatures)... Once you have your signature link setup start posting, contributing, asking questions and you'll naturally and easily get new people opting in your mailing list to get your cool free (and valuable) gift.

    #5 - Get a Twitter Account: Also add the twitter account right here on the forum so that fellow warriors here can easily follow you. Make sure you include the link of your Squeeze page in the text description box in your twitter page.

    #6 -
    Start adding "targeted & related" people that you know will be interested in your free gift...(you'll be blocked from following new people at 2000 followers until you get 2000 people following you)...

    Example: You are in the "Make Money" niche... start following the people that are following the "guru's" for example... you already know these people know something about IM and would probably like your free gift as well!... The key is to find the authority in your niche.

    #7 - Signup for TweetLater.com: This handy little tool will automate a welcome message for for every person that follows you... you'll want to have it say something like:

    ""Thanks for following me, here's a free gift from me to you: www.XXXXXX.com""

    ... So these are some pretty basic things you can setup right now and start building a pretty decent list... Hope this helps you out man!

    Let me know if you need anything at all!

    Alex Kaplo

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    Have you done free classifieds? It would be very effective if you done it correctly. You could think of a good and very enticing title or headline that will give an interesting point to customers.
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