What Are The Best Shopping Cart Scripts?

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Hi folks,

Haven't been around this forum for months it seems.

What are the best shopping cart scripts w/ Auth.Net & PayPal that are easy to mod
and incorporate one-click upsells and check-offs for additional subscriptions
and all?

1SC is the only cart script I'm familiar with.

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    I use Zencart. It's a modified oscommerce script that has wide support and plugins, and includes auth.net, PayPal, and several other payment gateways. Very easy to install and has a nice admin interface. And, it's free.
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    Hey there Steve,

    I personally don't use this, but I have heard a ton of great stuff about 1ShoppingCart... Not to mention, this script also includes a built in Newsletter option. Hope this helps you out!

    Alex Kaplo

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    If you PM me I will show you a free one that most internet marketers don't know about but which is great.

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    Hi Steve,

    Even though ours is hosted we support:

    Durango Merchant Services (for EU and international)

    Our system has:

    1 click upsell/downsell oto chain offer system
    Forced continuity bundled trials

    Plus our system can deliver:

    Digital products
    Secure memberships
    Secure rss feeds
    Secure podcasts
    Physical products
    Physical on demand print and ship dvd, cd, books, combo packages
    Combos such as membership/physical/rss/podcast/digital product
    Physical continuity on demand print and ship + memberships
    Its Aweber and Getresponse integrated for auto add and auto remove.
    Coupons and auto delivered coupon associated affiliate bonuses

    Our system has been used by publishers since 2006 to automate their businesses so it's not beta in any way.

    The funny thing is we were just offered $20k by a company wanting us to create for them one click upsells and I told them "we already offer it." We only charge $67 a month for it right now but we will increase the price to $97 soon.

    Frank kern paid $15k recently to get one click upsells.

    Plus we have a private cabinet, the newest fastest servers you can imagine, on a gigabit network.

    Companies and individuals who use/have used our platform:

    Tony Robbins company
    Ariel Ford
    LWL Worldwide - Heather Vale and Barry Goss
    2008 New Media Expo trade show
    Paul Colligan and Alex Mandossian
    Mike Koenigs and Rocket Helstrom (Traffic Geyser company)
    Ed Dale (30 day challenge)
    and a lot of names outside IM that no one here would probably recognize.

    Our system also provides both incoming and outbound API for programming types who just want one of the most powerful business automation systems and affiliate management systems on the back end of anything they create themselves.

    I could not even begin to list all the features here...

    But we do what you are seeking and so much more.
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    Mind sending me more info on it Josh?

    If you're aware of the Kern thing, then you work with the 2 guys he hired for it? (met 'em a cpl weeks ago)
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    If you're aware of the Kern thing, then you work with the 2 guys he hired for it? (met 'em a cpl weeks ago)
    No. I just watched a video where someone mentioned it. But in the same breath they were promoting a cydec solution which brings back nightmares of QuickPayPro.

    I don't think what Frank paid all that cash for can hold a candle to what we offer but generally people like Frank lay out that kind of cash because they have very specific back end integrations that they need with systems like infusion soft.

    We take the pain out of those things. Sending you a PM.
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      OsCommerce and ZenCart are great free options. 1ShoppingCart is excellent for digital products, but it is costly, but you can get a 30-day free trial to test it out. OsCommerce gives you a lot of flexibility.
      Paul Counts, Host of the "Count On Us Internet Profits Radio Show"
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    I am a completely non-tech kinda guy and recently set up with e-junkie.com which works with my paypal pro account. I find it very easy to use provided you are OK with the look of their buy button it creates.It does cost me $ 5.00 monthly.

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    sorry.....here is my page to llok at the button, ect..
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    Josh - Saw your PM. Gonna hit you up tmrw.
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