Membership Site Script/Software Query - Can I Do This?

by BeeJay 5 replies
Hey Warriors,

Righto, I'm no wizz with membership scripts, so before I toodle off and spend countless hours self educating I thought I'd see if someone could point me in the right direction.

Does anyone know of a membership site software or script which allows me to track the purchases made through my site of:

(a) My or joint venture partner products hosted on the site; and
(b) Any affiliate products promoted through the site;

and attribute members with 'credits' or 'coupons' (of lesser value than the products purchased) which accumulate until they can then use to purchase other hosted or affiliate products through the membership site.

The sticking point might be the affiliate products of the two.

Any help would be most appreciated.
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    Memberspeed does that but it's pricy and difficult to set up and use at first, but it gets easier with experience.
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      Yes, memberspeed is pretty good. You can also have the script installed if you wish.

      Check my sig if you want to see an example of a memberspeed site.
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    My membership site has this ability, but ofcourse I built my own membership site. Building your own allows you to do more and have more functionalities on the site. I currently have 2 products that are sold outside of the membership site but both are tracked in my admin area.

    This is easily done using the database.. Let's say you have product A and product B but you only want to deal with one mail list. Well not a problem when you built your own site because in your admin you can show all your subs marked next to them would be what product they purchased. This can be tracked when they make their payment and fill out the subs form. So now you know who bought what it makes it easier to determine what to mail them when you send out your newsletter.

    Now I go further past this as I am not one that does the traditional things, I am different I use my own mail system too that I built into my membership site, I do not use any kind of aweber or similar sites. So I can go to my mail system and I can select members, subs product A, subs Product B, or All to sent a newsletter too.

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      You can just display your affiliate and jv products in your shopping cart like your own products with your affiliate link as purchase links. Buyer clicking on the link goes to order page of payment processor.

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        Hi Ben,

        The best script that allows so much flexibility for the ideas that you have is probabaly JVManager or its newer version Fantosos.

        There are some warriors who offer JVM for like $97 and do help you with set up. Fantosos is something like $4000 for installing on your own server, however you can get a hosted version of Fantosos through turbomembership for $67 a month.

        While there are other scripts like butterfly marketing script, launch formula marketing script, memberspeed, rapidactionprofits, in my opinion JVM or fantosos will be your best bet.
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