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Hello Warriors!

I am not a webmaster and trying to do things on my own but here I really need your help...

I have a website since last year which was hosted with iPage but being unsatisfied I migrated to HostGator few days ago. Last year when building my website I used the weebly templates given by my host and uploaded a WP Blog to my website. My blog is in a subdirectory! Is that recommended? I don't know and would appreciate if someone can answer that for me

Now, I want to change both my website template and my WP Blog theme!

I am unsure of what to do:

1 - Choose a new css template for my website and a new WP Theme for my blog?

2 - Choose a WP Theme to merge both my website and blog?

The Option 2 seems best to me but also complicated as I don't know how to do that and I want to do things correctly for my SEO!!

Can any IM Expert here advise me and maybe help me??

Thanking you all in advance for your responses

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    To be honest this sounds more complicated to do on your own. Even with someone holding your hand.

    Save the headache and pay someone $50 bucks to get it done for you.

    Or you can just start from scratch

    Established webmaster since 1998. Bought my first domain name for $70 and had to pay $1000 a month for hosting. It was the good life

    Skype: twool9
    Email me at thomasw9 ((((a)))) G mail

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    Hi Diana, Please message me I will help you.
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      Originally Posted by Always-A-Warrior View Post

      Hi Diana, Please message me I will help you.
      I have just sent you an email, thanks!
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        Originally Posted by yieldway View Post

        I have just sent you an email, thanks!
        Got it. after seeing your blog I believe you can do this on your own but should you need help please feel free to email me ok.
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    Option 3 Turn your wordpress into your website and merge the whole thing.

    I recomend you accepting some help from someone here and get yourself set up correctly then keep it that way. I recommend using woothemes, studio press or thesis

    Best luck~ Depending on what kind of mess you have going on I might be able to help you out but, it would have to be within the next couple days pm me if you still need some help or guidance. I'm an accidental expert and biz owner but, have a bit of time right now.
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    Hi LorrieJean,

    thank you so much for your tips and that's what I'm going to do ... option 3 is the best and that's also what "Always-A-Warrior" suggested me... many THANKS to both of you

    I'm still working on it ... I'm a bit slow I confess but it's good as I'm learning while building my website!
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