I need 4 IM help - $$$ Paid Postions $$$ <--- Better? lol

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Howdy Guys and Gals,

I need 4 IMer's to be part of my management team. One VP of Marketing and 3 Regional Managers. Each one of these positions will oversee at least 10 people.

You must be well organized and be a good leader. Everyone in the company works virtual from home and is responsible for getting their jobs done. I don't have time for people that need to be baby sat.

If you are ready to make something happen and can work some in the evenings and weekends from your home office I want to hear from you.

And NO, I am not going to ask you to buy anything from me and I am not going to charge you for being part of my team. Hmmmm. which now that I say that... I might just change my mind! lol just kidding.

I am not fooling around when it comes to making money, but I do like to work hard and play hard. So if you are up for a little fun and ready to make stuff happen shoot me a message with your contact info and we can talk.

Also, If you could give me a short summary of your IM accomplishments and knowledge that would be great, DON"T SEND ME YOUR RESUME! If you send me one you WILL NOT get a position on my team. Why? First, because you obviously can't follow clear instructions and second, I don't have time for the B.S. you made up to put on there in the first place!

Let me know if you are ready to Rock n Roll!

Lovin Life...
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    That's cool.

    You sent an invitation at your 31th post. All your previous posts are just one-liner, which adds nothing to the forum and it seems to me that you are just building post counts so that you can 'recruit' people here at your 31th post.

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    You need EXPERTS? AND they don't have to pay you?

    Wow. Looks like a great deal!!!


    This post doesn't belong here in the main forum.
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    Oh wow!

    Man! I need to get in on this!

    *prepares resume*

    Ohnoe, you said no resume. I can't follow orders, I must be a failure.



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    Buildingfutures -- chin up. You wouldn't have gotten in any way, because Joseph, Jared, KJ and I were the first four to this thread. And you know all four of us rushed in because it's a killer deal. I mean I have NO idea what I'm going to get out of it (money? hugs?), but it looks killer.

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    I am more than interested and a very successful Marketer however you will have to pay me.

    Pm me and I we can discuss my renumeration.

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    I see now... "Killer Joe" must be short for "Killer Johnathan The Zombie"?



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    Wow.. can I get a little more crap from you guys! LOL. Anyway, I understand the feedback. I actually have not been on here in a while. I had an account on the old system "chrisclements" I could not get back in for some reason so I started a new one.

    Anyway, I love the attitude actually. I need to check out the video post above and see what kind of greif I am getting there.

    Seriously, I am looking for 4 great people to work with. It's a ligit oppertunity. My point in my post is that I am not trying to sell anyone anything. I just need a couple great people that want to make some money and that I can depend on to get the job done.

    Rock n Roll Warriors!!!!!!!!!

    lovin life..
    Chris Clements, Founder & CEO, YeeZ Mobile Inc.

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    If you're serious about recruiting anyone of value...why don't you tell us something about this so called "opportunity" that would entice us.

    So far it's just more spammy crap. You need 4 people for what? Why would anyone be interested in working with you.

    You're supposed to be a marketer. Who's going to buy what your selling based on the shiat you've said so far?
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    Ok... I will give more details, but I must say the nasty posts are really not needed. My initial reaction is to tell you to F* Off, but on the other hand. i like the cut the crap attitude.

    So here is the deal. I have been in the internet marketing world since the dot com boom. I have had my share of success and failure over the last decade. I purchased a domain name on the aftermarket 10 years ago that I was going to use at the time, but my business when in a different direction.

    I am not going to go into the details of the domain or business here, but I will explain the possible opportunity for my team.

    I target market is very large.. 10,000's of searches a day. Not much competition in the search engines, but the search engines are dominated by a few select sites. These site are not able to provide everything the "customer" is looking for. Mainly because its not in the best interest for these site to do so and its outside of thier business model.

    So what I am doing is going into this market, providing a free service that has a high perceived value. Building a massive list and marketing to that list.

    There are many versions of this free service that we are providing... 44 to be exact. All very similar, but they are all different in the information that is provided to each.

    So Basically, everyone on the team will each be responsible for a list. Outside of our PPC campaign they will be doing promotion tasks like building links, forum postings, Social bookmarking and video postings.

    VP of marketing will be in charge of managing a list of his/her own, managing/ training the 3 regional managers and in charge of 10 area managers.

    the 3 regional managers will be in charge of their own list/area and 10 area managers.

    These 4 people will be in charge of hiring and firing i necessary for the positions they are in charge of.

    I hope this helps a little. If you have questions please ask. But if you don't have anything constructive to say please post it somewhere else. I have had enough of the B.S. for the moment

    Rock n Roll
    Chris Clements, Founder & CEO, YeeZ Mobile Inc.

    The Most Profitable White Label / Private Label SMS Reseller Program available to Offline Marketers! Long Codes & Short Code Keywords, in one account! YeeZ Mobile's SMSResellerProgram.com
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