Different Angles for Different Social Networks

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I love using social networks because it allows me to create real relationships, where I can get to know people and really help them out. That has always been my goal. My nature is to encourage and empower people.

But I was thinking about how I have recently been using social networks for one of my new ventures online. I've been trying to think of each social network as a different means of traffic that brings a different kind of person.

The main ones are:

YouTube: I'm currently using a lot of humor for what I'm doing and finding that this works really well. I think the best approach on YouTube is to go for an audience looking to laugh or to be instructed (how-to videos, etc.).

Pinterest: I'm using this for what I'm doing by targeting certain people who have liked certain books. Yes, the whole craft/working out target audience is huge on there too, but not relevant to what I need, so I took a different approach. Obviously, it's important to know how to actually market, build connections, and get traffic through Pinterest for it to be useful, but the book route seems to be working well. I've also been experimenting with posting some of those funny videos I mentioned, since they allow video. I have yet to see the response, but I feel like that's not so much the crowd on Pinterest...don't know yet.

FaceBook: To me, Facebook is most useful when you're using it for groups/pages with people who already trust and know you to some degree. It's a great hub for mass communication.

Twitter: I mainly use twitter to redirect to my other social networks or websites. It's definitely not a key one for me, but I'd love to hear your ideas.

Now It's Your Turn

So now I want to hear your "angles/approaches" with different social networks. They are great resources, great places to build relationships, and great ways to get targeted traffic, but everybody uses them differently.

So how do you use them? What's your angle with each?
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    It is surprising that nobody has commented so far. So, I will.

    Thanks for this post. I was searching for something slightly different, but appreciate your effort.
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      Can you throw in some ideas about how you use humor for your youtube videos?
      Any ideas would be appreciated

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    Here in my country, FB is very popular or I can say people know only about FB as social network.


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    for me facebook works great
    it has some good features for marketing purpose
    i always use fb as my marketing partner
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    Twitter. Who would have ever thought, me, pumping a social media site.

    There are two books that pointed me to twitter. One is Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk. It's an excellent book on branding yourself and marketing, especially using twitter.

    The second one is by John Locke, the 8th person to sell a million ebooks on Amazon for Kindle. Even though this is geared towards book marketing the principles can be applied to all marketing. twitter was the engine that made it all work. It's really simple too. The book is titled How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months! It's only three bucks and is one of the best marketing books I've seen in years.
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    Social media sites are no longer used to socialize online. Various social networking sites are used to promote businesses online. Today, most companies have websites and there are teams of expert social media experts and marketers who are promoting those websites in various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace and many more.
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