I've finally cracked!

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So after over a year with fighting and struggling with 2 cheap host providers, I've finally taken everyone's advice and moved to Hostgator. I am excited to see how good their service really is compared to the other 2 hosts I've used ($1/month and $1.99/month). Really hoping this move pays off and see some improved performance.
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  • I can tell you Hostgator is the absolute best host I've ever used, unlimited bandwidth, quick install, email addresses up the wazoo. You name it. Also their support staff always responds to my emails within an hour or two sometimes even less.
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    I love hostgator as well. Have never had a problem with it, and the price is great for the value. Sometimes at 3 in the morning when you're working and need support, they're always there.
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    Hahahaha hard to say its a waiting game, everyone always has good experience and bad experiences with the same hosts. Its just purely pot luck on what server the host put you on e.g whether you end up on one that over sold with high level user sites or get stuck on server that full of low level inactive sites.
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    I just stick with godaddy and pay yearly for a lot less.
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      I have used both hostgator and bluehost. I have interacted a lot with hostgator, especially at the beginning since I was pretty techie challenged at that time. I have only praise for that company and their tech support. The patience the tech support showed me was awesome and they are available 24/7.

      With respect to bluehost, I like them as well, a problem I had was resolved quickly, just as well as hostgator would have. The only issue I have with them is that you have to pay yearly, rather than monthly.
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      Originally Posted by Scoutt921 View Post

      I just stick with godaddy and pay yearly for a lot less.
      Yep me too, don't really have any complaints. There help desk is 24/7 also and its free, you can call them up 4am fully red eyed from staring at the screen and get some good assistance.
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    that is great to hear. they migrated my site from my old host within 24 hours. I am waiting for the DNS settings to take effect. they have been great so far
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    I have 2 hosts, just cause it's good to have them so all my sites are not lost if a servers dies and I haven't made recent backups. This happened 2x, once with HG.

    1 at hostgator 10 bucks a month unlimited everthing good support
    1 at HostAnother 24 bucks a YEAR unlimited everthing good support

    HostAnothers special is still on the forum I believe. Never put all you eggs in one basket...

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    Yeah Hostgator is awesome. So is Yahoo Webhosting. Free SSL, and even Norton and Verisign badges to display on your site. Plus unlimited storage, with a free and easy Wordpress installation (if you like Wordpress, that is). Can't go wrong here.
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    Hostgator is the best.
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    I use a combination of HostGator and JustHost for the reseller packages. Never had an ounce of trouble with either.

    For other british members on this site, i certainly advise you to stay away from 123Reg for hosting. Its terrible at best.
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    Hostgator and Hosting Zoom are what I use and both are great.
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    Just keep an eye on your inodes usage, this is not unlimited (50k) for the basic plans.

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    I have 3 dedicated servers on HG and one hosting server. Been with them for years. Great support. Outstanding support, in fact,.

    -- Lisa G

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