In Your Opinion, Is Sales Copy Necessary For Success?

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In regards to a WSO that truly works. I don't know how to write sales copy and personally would just want to be to the point, with my experience with the system/method, and bullets on what to expect.

If you don't mind/have the time you can read my story below, with more details on my situation and why I'm asking this. --->

I have perused the Warrior Forum for over a year in an effort (obviously) to finally make a decent amount of money online. (I finally joined to pose this question)

Although I have another business that is, for me personally, more profitable than online alternatives, I did find a way in the past year in which I made $400 for about 8 hours of work online.

Now it's not something you could do every day unless you began outsourcing, but nonetheless $400 is more than what 99% of most people will ever make online, and that a week or even a month can help a lot of people financially.

I am considering doing a WSO that would allow anyone to duplicate my results or better for very cheap, so anyone could afford it. You know, share and give back to the place that gave to me. But I don't want to put in the effort if the fact it won't have "sales" copy means no one will try it and I won't at least break even.

It would be pretty in depth with a detailed manual and videos, but seemingly every good WSO has this massive sales letter that I personally get turned off by. But it doesn't matter what I like, it matters what most people like.

I was thinking being very up-front on how much money it made me in what time frame, what to expect from the guide, how much money to expect to make, but no fluff.

What do you think? To get this in peoples' hands would I have to have your typical sales copy?
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    As you quite rightly stated Aaron it's not what you prefer that counts. It's what the marketplace dictates you need.

    What is your product? What does it do? What specific problem does it solve? What are it's benefits? How are you going to achieve your goal of making sales if you don't present the required information to your target market?

    If you're not willing to advertise and market your product, why you might just as well be winking at a hot chick in a blacked out room for all the good it will do you.

    If the sales letter has worked for thousands before you, why try try to reinvent the wheel? What else could you, can you replace it with? What would you replace it with?

    Warmest regards,

    Mark Andrews
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  • You could have the best product in the WORLD! But unfortunately, the way the market works, if you don't have convincing words, big attention grabbing graphics, impressive graphics, professional graphics, graphics with arrows and checkmarks and big letters and exclamations, you'll only appeal to a few people. That's the sad truth.

    A terrible product with all the bells and whistles on the sales page, could sell hundreds of copies.
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      Originally Posted by Dragonfire Wealth View Post

      You could have the best product in the WORLD! But unfortunately, the way the market works, if you don't have convincing words, big attention grabbing graphics, impressive graphics, professional graphics, graphics with arrows and checkmarks and big letters and exclamations, you'll only appeal to a few people. That's the sad truth.

      A terrible product with all the bells and whistles on the sales page, could sell hundreds of copies.
      Unfortunate, but true. Hype sells. my advice would be to read the copy from successful WSOs and get a feel for the kind of writing you need. Avoid income claims - they can get you in trouble, and most savvy IMers don't tend to believe them anyway. Screen shots can be faked, so don't bother. Just make sure you tell us what difference your product can make in our lives (benefits, not features).

      Hang out in the Copywriting forum and learn there. There's lots of really talented and helpful people here that can get you on the right path.

      I just added this sig so I can refer to it in my posts...

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    Knowing how to write a sales letter, is a must if you plan on making real money in this business. If you lack that skill, outsource it / delegate it to someone that knows how to write one. I have seen WSOs that were for writing salesletters, look around.
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    Sales copy when broken down is the ability to influence an audience to take the action you want them to take. There are many writers who will not saying they are copywriters who are making a killing with sales because they have mastered influence through their writing. It requires a special blend of entertainment, trust, rapport, informative and persuasion to make your visitor take the action that makes you money.
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    Sales copy is very important in fact so important, without it, you might as well pack up your bags, and head out of town.

    Read as much as you can by Ted Nicholls, read and read the threads in the copywriting forum on here, seek out other books by top writers and learn.

    If you do not want to do that, then, hire the best copywriter you can, you will have to pay big bucks, but if youhave products that you feel is worthy, and CAN GENUINELY HELP OTHERS, then it will be worth it.

    To Your Success
    6StarMedia - Website Design, Business/Corporate Design, SEO, Copyrighting and Website Management Services Plus much more

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    Originally Posted by Aaron Mariscal View Post

    In Your Opinion, Is Sales Copy Necessary For Success?. In regards to a WSO that truly works.
    It depends who you are.

    And specifically on how well known and respected you are in the Warrior Forum.

    The single biggest factor affecting WSO sales, most of the time, is probably the vendor's "local reputation".

    With only occasional exceptions relating to very remarkable/unprecedented WSO's, a WSO vendor who isn't well known here, trusted and respected is certainly going to need very compelling sales copy. And even then it may not be easy.
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      In my opinion if the author of a report cannot write good sales copy then his report will not be well written and have information missing.

      Occasionally, I am wrong about this but not often enough to change my opinion. My problem is that there is more good content out there and that I don't have the time to read it all.

      Why should I want to read something that is probably going to be rehashed garbage written by somebody that has not even tried what he is selling. If the sales copy is good, this raises the chance that the report will be good. It's a numbers game.

      Saying this, if your report is high quality, you do not need long form sales copy. Short form sales copy will get enough people to buy and read it. They will then let other people know about your product. Commonly called viral marketing.

      Long form sales letters are required if you are trying to sell low quality products or if you are trying to squeeze every last sale out of the pipeline. Most people who buy a product don't actually get to the end of the sales copy. They are convinced long before this and skip to the end.
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    Yes, sales letters are for selling, but you don't always need a huge long hype filled sales letter - if you are selling a service rather than a product.

    You mention that your WSO could be outsourced. How about offering a service as a WSO instead of a product.

    You could build an outsorce team to provide the service and they perform the actions layed out in your original WSO idea. Then get a few well respected warriors to provide an honest review of your service.

    If you can get a few well respected warriors saying "I made xxxx amount of dollars from this WSO in xxxx days and it was all outsourced for me and I didn't have to lift a finger" I think you would have a successful WSO on your hands.

    You could just put their reviews on the sales page. Say what your service will do. Add a bullet point list of the benefits and the price.

    This way you would earn cash from the outsourcing as well as from the product.

    Alternatively, pay for a copywriter to do the sales page and add the "done for you" service option as an OTO to your main product.
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    if your going to launch a wso then you need to make sure you have a half decent sales page

    i created all 3 of my wso sales pages and each sales page took me around 2 days to create

    (im not saying you do this, but you certainly learn a hell of a lot by doing your first few yourself)

    i did buy some products to help with how to make a successful wso before doing my first wso so took some tips from that and used them in my wso sales page

    i also used all of my own experience which i have and things ive learned over the last 4 years too

    your sales page will determine your epc. If your epc is terrible then your not going to attract many serious affiliates which then limits your chances of making more sales and building your buyers list bigger

    if you need any tips then use some of my wso sales pages as a guide for layout of copy and what to include

    you can outsource your sales page but i would recommend that you create the first couple yourself just using the warrior forum functions. You will still be able to make good sales page

    doing this, gives you lots more experience so when you go to outsource the work you will know exactly what works and specific details to include to your outsourcer

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