Simplest way to earn money online

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According to me, you don't have to spend too much money but you have to spend lots of time if you want to earn money from internet.

You need a hosting service and domain name, which you can get in around $30/year

You can use Wordpress, it is easy to learn and most of the internet marketers are using Wordpress as it is very SEO friendly, user friendly and it has thousands of free themes and useful plugins.

After this, you need to learn keyword research, as you have to find less competitive keywords to rank higher in search engines, you can rank with link building or without link building as well, if they are less competitive, you may need less links to your site.

Create some blogposts, and keep it up on daily basis based on your low competitive keywords.

For learning how to find less competitive keywords, you would type in google search and you would learn in few hours and few days, of course, use only Google Adwords Keyword tool as you are new.

You have to know that there is one big thing to overcome is focus, you have to focus on what you are doing and you have to do it continuously, do it for one to two months and if you don't get positive result then let me know.

Don't worry of your writing skills, you may be good or may not be so good in writing, but you have to keep writing try to improve your writing skills by doing blogging as I see lots of bloggers are doing this thing.

For earning you should use Adsense and your blog started receiving good number of visitors then advertisers would also contact you for placing ads on your blogs....

Once more focus is needed so don't distract your mind from one method to other method of earning money online.
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    Thank you for sharing.
    Making money with ad networks such as ReachJunction, adsense is my favorite way. Because it doesn't cost me a lot of time and the networks are reliable.
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    Ya but if you want to make a significant income you need tons of websites all in good niches and you should be working on them all the time! If you expect to make a job out of IM...go hard or go home.
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      Originally Posted by linkdestiny View Post

      Ya but if you want to make a significant income you need tons of websites all in good niches and you should be working on them all the time! If you expect to make a job out of IM...go hard or go home.
      It depends with what method you're taking. I agree that IM of any kind takes a lot of hard work, but some requires that work forever while other kinds allow you to put in some good upfront work and then benefit long term.

      My advice is always to be careful about just relying on SEO and having a site. One of the most important key factors to long term income in my opinion is building strong relationships.
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    Thanks for sharing the best way to earn money online.
    these are the best ways I think. But the main problem is that the focusing most people forget to do that.
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    Its important not to just base your business on ranking for keywords. That would mean everything is riding on if you hit the first page of Google. If Google changes your business suffers. The intentions behind this post was noble but definitely make sure you diversify your traffic sources.
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    Good post Mary, although I wouldn't recommend Adsense for newbies, since they are very strict
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