PLR Products - How & Where To Find High Quality Ones?

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for PLR products for the MMO/IM niche.

There are countless numbers of sites that provide these PLRs so it would be good if I can get some recommendations on good sites I can use from people who know their stuff.

What I am looking for:

(1) Free & good quality content - Is there anything as such??

(2) Paid & good quality content - Don't mind paying for it, so long as it doesn't cost me a fortune or contain pages of fluff that goes on and on without real content.

Many thanks for your time.
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    Tiffany Dow has some great stuff at PLR Articles By Tiffany Dow: though my favorite place to get IM related PLR is PLR Private Label Rights Content: PLR Reports & Packages
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    One of the best places to look for PLR is here on the WF because you get to know the person behind the selling after a while. Many of the offers the post are new and haven't been around the block like post PLR out there. Look around and see what strikes a cord with you. You'll find some great deals.

    I don't really need PLR but I always find myself looking for what new fresh material premiers here.
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    PLR products are great way to make money online.There are many different PLR products are available on the internet .You can find it for cheap.Here are some tips to choose Quality PLR Product.

    >Investment:you can find lots of high wualty PLR product at cheap price.Don't Pay high amount for PLR product

    >PLR Right:You should check the PLR right before buying a PLR.Some PLR content have limited rights.

    >Check to see if there are limited number of plr copies for sale.Some sellers sell thousand of copies of the same product.Don't buy from such sellers.

    >It should match with your niche:The Plr product should suite with your niche/keyword.You don't need PLR contents that are unrelated to your niche.

    Hope this helps
    Good Luck
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    Its hard to find good looking myself
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    If you're interested, I'm giving away some free Internet Marketing related PLR eBooks on my blog over here.

    As far as quality PLR content related to Internet Marketing and Make Money Online goes, you could try the following PLR Content Providers
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    To be honest- the main way you're gonna get high quality stuff at a decent price is either

    1) In the WSO section, or

    2) Being on PLR providers lists and find out when they do a launch

    I've joined a few PLR memberships. And even though some ebooks are okay- you almost always have to rewrite or add to it somehow.

    Even when I get it from some of the best sources, I still change it up to better suit my personality and writing style.
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      Originally Posted by Justin Stowe View Post

      I've joined a few PLR memberships. And even though some ebooks are okay- you almost always have to rewrite or add to it somehow.

      Even when I get it from some of the best sources, I still change it up to better suit my personality and writing style.
      Unless you buy PLR that's sold in VERY limited quantity, and is
      really top quality, you probably want to rewrite it anyway.

      I'd advise not only rewriting it, but giving it a new name, having
      new graphics created, and literally making it your OWN product.

      I think of PLR as just a rough draft... or having someone else
      do the preliminary research for me.


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    You cannot be sure that PLR content is good enough until you read it, or you know an author personally, or you get recommendations from somebody.
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    We resell plr ebooks in niche packages, and one of the things we hate about some of them is the broad, general treatment of the subject by the authors. Half of the weight loss plr ebooks will start out with something like "Obesity is a terrible problem in the world today..."

    Well, who the hell doesn't know already that obesity is a big problem? They'll start out with that and roll on with several paragraphs of generalizations...finally getting to some meat and potatoes around the middle of the ebook, if ever.

    That's why we create niche packages out of the plr we buy, containing a mix of broad treatment ebooks and then more higher quality stuff, because there are a few golden nugget writers who really know how to get to the heart of the topic early on.

    Another problem with some plr is that it reads like a "systematic" overview, when the title makes it seem like you're going to find out some new or secret teaching, or that you will be "trained" but in fact are only "informed". Big difference. Hype without substance.

    We agree with Willie that plr should serve as a research tool. It's also good to use as an outline and as a tool for blog post ideas.

    Having said all of this, we've made over a thousand sales so far through 3 different markets and have only had 2 refunds, so our buyers do find value in these packages.

    But generally, for our clients (we make most of our money from offline marketing, not plr), we always recommend having an original ebook written which they will own full and exclusive rights to, and only recommend using the better quality plr for lead gen or membership sites, along with some decent video plr.
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    I use plr sources but I also will write my own personalized introduction, include some recent stories in the news that are relevant and add in current research. I also ask for a sample of the book to see if it has value.

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    I have a big(ish) plr store :-)

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    The best place to find quality free PLR content in the IM niche is on this forum. Many good PLR content creators are launching free WSO's to build their email list. I've found that these PLR articles are much higher quality than you are going to find on your usual website selling PLR products and articles.
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    I Don't have PLR but can sell something more competitive like White Label Software (not to be sold to the masses like PLR) of proven to sell products. Drop me a line if interested.
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