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Hiya everyone,

I just finsihed building an app builder for myself ad few a few clients of mine.

I realized that offering the app builder on a private label basis could be really useful to some. Before I actually open my builder, what should I consider? Is it worth is to open my builder to the public? Thanks for the input.
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    There are a lot of App Builders out there. I think it would depend on its ability and pricing. I spent a bit of time on Warrior Forum and found at least 15 different ones. You're competing against heavily marketed apps so price & applications better be great.
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    I'd be interested in hearing more about your Apps Builder if you decide to open it to the public.

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    if your app builder is good, why wouldn't you release it?

    the otehr question is does it have a USP (there are 5 p's not just price)

    the real question is how many sales would make it worth your while,
    and at what price point?

    can you add additional value to the builder, such as with training or business assistance (i.e. regionalised referrals from you)

    then can you market it?
    do you have jv partners?
    can you afford advertising?
    do you have an existing list (in which case, ask them)

    there are several app builders out there, but they ALL have one issue or another.

    also WF is not the only place on the planet.

    if you want to talk to me about it on skype, pm me.


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    I'd say test it out with our members by doing a limited WSO and get reviews.

    Better to build on a solid foundation than on uncharted land. Those honest reviews will give you the boost to a great launch.
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