3 million views and climbing in less than 24 hours.

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Pretty damned amazing when you think about it.

This, apparently, is a guy who frequents the chatroulette site and is an amazing example of the power of something going viral. Over 3,000,000 views in 24 hours. Just, wow.

We'll probably see him on talk shows before too long.

Power of social media is just mind boggling.
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  • Yeah his first big hit was awhile back he was wearing skimpy clothes and after a few seconds he would reveal his face and REALLY get some people. I saw this on facebook either last night or the night before and I liked it better, got a good feeling seeing so many people laugh.
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    Geez, the crap that gets shared online..
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    From an internet marketer's perspective that guy is most likely making a TON of money from his Youtube videos. I've seen his other videos and he's millions of views each, with one in particular getting 25+ million. He could sign up either as a Youtube partner or monetize his videos with Google Adsense, and make serious $$$.

    In fact there's tons of popular channels on Youtube where the video makers are making serious money. They could also make additional income by putting affiliate links in their video description
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