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A miscalculation on my part, has made my bank account in the red (and the H is not happy with me) Crap. Suggestions for gigs that are a quick turnaround? My usual funds are not accessible for another 7 days. Gah I have the kids home with me, so doing oddjobs is not going to cut it. I'm on iwriter right now, securing some writing.

Also, if someone can post the link back to that ginormous thread, I'm having a brain fart of what it is.
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    Tell him you're sorry and to be more prepared for when it happens again.

    The site is ezinearticles

    It's the only GiNormous one I know

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  • Ouch! Yeah I've been there (there's 3 banks that still want nothing to do with me). Best thing I can say is maybe find some things around your house that you can sell on craigslist. Make a nice looking sales page with pictures of everything and a price "OBO" by every picture. Title it something like "family emergency, everything must go" or something to that effect. Thats the quickest thing I can possible think of. (post it in for sale and garage sales)
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    Thank you! Yes, that is the one. I felt like a dumb blonde when I logged into my checking account this morning. Who does that? Oh Em Gee.
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