How to Find Out What My Website is Worth

by savo
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What is the best way to find out what my niche websites are worth. Two of them are starting to earn money in a good niche and are on the first page of google for certain key words. I was wondering is there a site that could give me an estimation of what they might be worth.
Thank you
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    There are excellent flipping wso's available that will show you how to get good money for your site. The rule of thumb is 8-12 months of income is what you would ask for the site when selling it.

    Good luck

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    Here are some metrics for you.

    1. Ad sense income
    2. Total number of unique impressions
    3. Total number of content pages
    4. PR score
    5. Alexa score

    Wishing all the best to you.
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    No one will pay good money for a site that has no proof of earnings. Those proof of earnings also want to be for a number of months -- the longer you can show someone that site has been earning money, the more money you can command.
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    You can measure your web site from the facts that how many visitors you are getting and how are response from them.
    You can have these information very easily.
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    Also, you can check the keywords which are main keywords and they are ranking on top, and they are high cpc keywords, with legitimate number of visitors...
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    If your site income is still very low and you think it will grow in the foreseeable future, I would wait some time before selling it. The higher your monthly income with the site, the more money you can ask when selling it.
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