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I want to work for an seo company. I have no intrest in IT anymore at my job and SEO has been on my mind , my dreams etc. As a matter of fact when my girlfriend , her brother and I went to the movies, I secretly was reading some warriorforum articles and some WSO stuff of the latest seo changes and etc the entire time lol. using my cell phone to light of the papers. I had no idea what was going on with the movie, i was reading the whole time. True story.

I've done some online work before and made some money, not much, Im working on a web site, got a press release on page 5 and the website on page 5 too, trying to rank both. both is about the samesite though for the product. I want to rank for 2 spots on page 1 lol. 3 spots if I throw in a youtube vid lol.

Is ive been in IM for over a year now. Im wondering what would you recommend that I should do? I would like the experience as well.

Is there certain things things minimum i should know before try to find places to apply?

My days on this current job are numbered as I said on another post. Few months ago. And my passion is IM/SEO.

I mean I get the concept of internal linking deeplinking achor text/variations, spin syntax, nested spining, social signals, Domain/page link juice. pinging, using rss feeds to back link your backlinks or help them get indexed. I know some commands to find .gov .edu backlinks. I know some commands to 'reveal LSI keywords in google search 'seperate from keyword tool'. The concept of linkwheels 'although i wouldnt do this cause of footprints'. pryamids etc. Wiki links squidoo.

Ive done some forum marketing on some other forums 'never tried selling on WF yet'. Currently writing my 1st ebook for backlinks and will sell using forum marketing as well. Before I was selling PLR.

The concept of NOfollow and dofollow. I also know having only Do follow is not good, Also having only pr9s or no pr0s can look weird. Theres nothing wrong with a blogger linking back to you with a pr0 page. cause I know it just shows that my content is good. I try to do keyword research in a broad scoop to get all variations. Not talking about the keyword tool either. I always use exact btw, I use phrases sometimes when I want to find which seed part of the word is typed more before I dig futher. I even use thesaurous lol.

To me the goal of SEO is not even just about search engines but the overal on emulating a site that goes viral/popular to the most realistic way possible+ in the fastest time possible. The only thing so far that I have no experience in is PPC 'im doing some courses' , adsense 'i learned now what to do and just started a project but didnt put 1 adsense ad up yet. And article marketing. I shyed away from it because of so many sites getting de-indexed like BMR. Which is why i skipped on article marketing robot for now.

I mean I think I know more then enough stuff, but theres tons of stuff I can learn still and do. Like I dont have SENukE x or magic submitter. Although Im currently in a course thats teaching me how to build my own blog network. I cant afford some tools yet, so somethings I outsourced. I do have market samurai though and some other white hat tools. One particular tool I bought is like a scrapbox but completly white hat. And the auto matic portion of it is having some problems, so Im manually scrapping and building EACH backlink to my inner pages. Im even plannin shortly to begin analysing my competitors and try to take what ever backlinks possible from them as well.

Im passionate about this. I dont even want to finish my degree for computer forensics I havent been into it for over 2 years now. I dont even care if I dont get paid as much as my current job, Im really intrested to learn from the SEO experts side by side , to be embedded in it. It will also help me learn about ranking my own sites. Who knows maybe I can then write a seo book myself and help fellow warriors here!

I mean I think im also technical. Ive build my 1st computer when i was 13 years old back in 98. im 26 now going on 27 nov. Ive done some programming languages 'although i forgot them all now lol' C++, C#, Qbasic, i fooled with turbo pascal when i was like 10 yrs old in '95 , vbasic , java etc. So I already knew about proxies even before IM. lol I used it in HS and EVEN THIS JOB in the hospital to get past some sites lol.

I mean heck, the fact that I know who matt cutts is and the WF at least I got some proof Im in on the seo scene! I even posted good valuable content and help on the digitalpoint forums.

I dont know what else I need to at least have a chance at applying to some jobs. Im located in brooklyn ny. Any one else can give me advice? or maybe even willing to hire me? Or skype when the chance comes? Gonna try doing some searches. But also in the mean time im going to continue on my own personal IM stuff. Cause Im happy either way. Going full time in IM is my dream.
Anyone got advice ? Drill me, be harsh if you have too.Because it wil let me know what I need to do next. IM is harsh and steep learning curve,which i love actually . I already have the mind set. i will be the 1% in IM that makes it big reguardless.

I never give up. even when my entire family and co-workers laugh at me. most after a year now are starting to take me serious when they saw one my site showing up in serps AND WITH A THUMBNAIL of me, nooowww they see im not bs'ing. 3600 exactmatch keyword, LOCAL, not global, cause i know thats other countries of google. keyword in domain. keyword density wasnt my focus either since i know its myth although keyword stuffing is fact. and I checked and the KD is uncer 1% anyway Threw in some LSI keywords.

anyway thats a long post. anyone got advice? thanks!

ps: when my site does rank in pg 1, i know its not in the millions, but instead the real results is on the last page of google search results , thats the real number of how where your site truly sits!
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    The two things that stand out for me from your post are your passion and current lack of in depth knowledge about seo.

    These days it seems that everyone and anyone can claim to offer seo services. My personal advice would be to try and distinguish yourself from the pack by learning about what Google likes and working on non-spammy, whitehat techniques.

    You mention spam submission tools such as submitters and spinners, I would never use an seo persona/company that used that kind of tactics and techniques.

    Forget spinning and spamming. Learn how to do it properly and effectively. Spend time reading in the forums here. Develop your critical faculties and don't just follow the herd because it seems like a good thing to do.
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    well i know its not good spin anymore as its started getting good for google to detect that kind of stuff. Thats why i never bought the best spinner. Ive been doing my stuff manually most of the time also. I find it better for me personally to write from scratch anyway. But I get the theory about spinning, Ive spun anchor text for example. but choosed never spin articles. But if

    I did I do it the right way. Like including blank alternatives so the word count is not the same. I dont spin but I can do it right if I wanted to. But I like to keep things white hat as I can cause I want quality stuff. Im just saying I would do it for me doesnt mean I would do it for some one else. I never spam either.

    When got into the IM scene, thats when panda was already the norm. like 3.5 i think. So I was never exposed to the old school spammy stuff back then. I came into it when things were suppost to be natural. I got into seo in august of last year. after panda was already here.

    Oh and I mentioned the tools just so your aware im in the scene, but I dont have them or ever used them. I only have market samurai and another tool that is white hat for finding relevent links. I manually post to them. Im not an expert though but i think I know good amount of stuff to start from and learn the rest if I get taken in. but i agree though spam is a no no.
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    wow I heard that while researching online about the pay. I work for the city for the hosp i work in, so i get lots of taxes taken off. plus the pention that I just entered few months ago , although Ive been at the job for almost 4 years this Dec 1st. im making almost 20 hr, but after tax its like im making 13 hr. if its better then that ill take it lol. Oh @ rosetrees i forgot to mention Im also good at ranking youtube vids as well on both google (although that takes longer then just on yt alone).

    But one of my channels got shut down around oct nov of 2011 do to making money online (had nothing to do typical seo stuff either lol) but i guess they didnt trust it. But I got 1 vid left still rank on top of youtube, the other vid on the channel I didnt do and backlinking, i abandoned it since it doesnt convert when I found out from someone later on. the product was dated already.
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      If you're good at SEO you'd be better doing it for yourself.

      Even if you have to pay someone to write articles and an autoresponder series.
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        Originally Posted by fin View Post

        If you're good at SEO you'd be better doing it for yourself.

        Even if you have to pay someone to write articles and an autoresponder series.
        i agree with fin this is the best way , do it your way !
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    If you are passionate about seo related work, hit up craigslist and offer your services. The IT field can be a pain in the ... but pays better. If you can scale up your seo related work or find a job with a top seo firm, then it could work out for you...
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    cool , but you dont think theres any golden nuggets I could be missing out on though? Everyone says to have a job until IM exceeds monthly pay. and save up to a year. Thats why i figured choose an seo company maybe while im at it.

    Its not my choice to stay at the job im at also. I dont have a civil service test for my job show up yet and due to internal management conflicts and not getting paid my full check at times for something done wrong in human resources, im ready to go soon anyway.

    Ill take the advice though thx, and the rest above. I will look into it still, or just work on a offline project. Was listening to a course for learning how to get over cold calling and I feel much better on how to go about it. some of these offline projects wield big money man. if you can get past the calling part. it will put my job to shame! lol

    update: I want to find golden nuggets for More Off-page seo methods. lol I think thats why I want to try to work for an seo company. to see whats going on beyond for methods that I may not of heard of. If it works , it cant hurt to learn it!
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    It all depends what you want man. But i have to agree with Chris, you won't get paid very well.
    It's prob best if you start your own thing, its very difficult to start getting money at starters and can take some time, you always need backup plan is what i'm saying for extra income.
    Click Here- Guest posting service, per relevant post just 20$. Includes links for safe rankings to push your rankings to the top! Can't get this at a better price.
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      Good advice rightseosteps. So I guess Ill just focusing on getting a good income from my projects itself cause sites can take a while to rank based on the comp, and then if it converts is another story. lol I need to build a list by the way, I got lazy and never set it up so ive been paying aweber and forgot I even had them lol.

      never put your eggs in one basket. Im going to instead work on one of the offline wsos that I bought and start putting it to use. It will pay better then my job or seo company from what im hearing lol. might as well!

      Love you guys and gals! Theres nothing like coming on here and hearing advice from everyone.
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    What was your title at your IT company? I was lead IT Support Specialist at my last job, and loved it. Now i'm starting college on August 21 to double major in Computer Networking and Computer Network Systems Management... all being paid by my internet income.

    Do you find any joy at your job? I'm confident you could make a 6-figure salary with the right schooling, certifications, and experience.
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