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I am starting to build a list for my blog about window treatments. I spent some time putting together a 6 part lesson for my readers and just loaded an aweber sign up form on my site a week ago but havn't seen any results yet. Does anyone have any tips on what to include on the form or what not to have on the form. Thanks
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    An enticing ebook or program that people would really want to have and would make them be willing to give up their email addresses for. Make it nice and simple.
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    email address is the obvious one

    i usually ask for the first name....you could just have the email address if you want. just make it simple. tell them what they'll be getting and reassure them that their privacy is safe
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    That is it, you must offer a product of value that is going to give instruction or information to help them with what they are looking for. Also I have heard that an Orange or Red submit button converts better.
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    I keep it to first name and email. I want my responses back to them personalized. That has paid off huge. Then First 2 emails are great content, 3 has footer with link to my product, 4th has strong endorsement of my product, then 5th good content with footer link again...

    Its a formula that has worked very well with good retention numbers of subscribers

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    I agree always ask for first name and email. A lead magnet such as a free guide to buying the product aka what to look for and why you have all the good stuff and great service is the reason to buy from you ! , with links embeded would work there.
    Got great listings in Google? , this can help!

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    How many targeted hits per day are you getting to your site? Are you requiring name and email address? Requiring email alone, and including a "hover ad" on your squeeze page will increase your opt-in conversion rates.
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    I don't know anything about window treatments or even what they are. But you do because you run a blog about them.

    Ok, I just looked it up, is it to do with curtains, drapes and curtain poles? That sort of thing? I guess it must be, it's not a phrase we have in the UK.

    Assuming I am correct about what window treatments are, ask yourself the question "What is the biggest pain point (problem) that somebody who requires window treatments has". Then write a short report about how to solve that problem. Offer this in exchange for their email address. Stress the benefits that they will gain from reading your free report, not the features.

    Alternatively, are you able to offer a brochure, listing all the window treatments you have available? I guess what I am trying to say is just figure out what your visitors want the most and give it to them in exchange for their email address.

    Another idea if you are stuck might be to just ask them. Put up a blog post asking what they most want to know about window treatments, what problems they have etc.
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