Facebook pages.. Do they work?

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[Don't read this if you're BORING]

How would you rate your facebook page?

A few days ago now I was looking at the wall thinking about 'master chef', no I can't cook but I try.. wondering why I wasn't making any money with my products.. after running round like a headless chicken, which I also saw on 'master chef' it hit me (no not the chicken), why I wasn't selling any products.

I didn't have any customers...!! I needed to find customers...!!

I wasn't interested in doing it 'the old fashioned way' using emails (looks around at the faces of shock horror)..

So I grabbed my laptop, A cold coffee which was cold because I made it an hour ago, dropped myself on the couch, threw on some good music and told myself IF I wanted to engage with other people where would I go.. I spent the next 3hrs on facebook. that was 3 days ago, this is what I know now.

My top 3 shares and interactions goes to... will smith taking the Gold Medal, possibly because he's likable and famous and the tag lines in your face.. silver to money and all its glory n suffering and bronze to albert because he just has credibility - Those are my theories anyway would love to hear yours

and coming in behind them my business promotions

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The Result

To put this in perspective, I have 260 likes, about 200 of which are leftovers from a 300 like purchase I made when I started the page and the remaining 50 or so friends and friends of friends.

I reach about 10 - 30 people per post depending on how awesome they are, 60 to 80 if someone comments on the post because they're awesome

and the BEST part.. I've had 3 optins and 1 sale, thats in my first 3 Days

So after all that carry on, I obviously got a bit excited.. Tell me about your page, what works, what doesn't work, who you had to beat up via email because they had nothing better to do than post re-runs of the flintstones on your posts
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    Wow!That is a great way to get more like.Thank you for sharing
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    Great share. With my Facebook pages, I try to put up entertaining content as much as possible with the hope that it'll go viral (occasionally with some success). Look at George Takei's page sometime. Pure content and humor, all taken from other sources. With a CPA offer once in a blue moon, a page like that is a gold mine.
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    Thank you for sharing.
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    Thanks, its been exciting to see something so easy work after just recovering from the shiny object syndrome recently

    @adriane - you should fix your WF facebook link, its doubling up, this should help WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums - Edit Your Details | Awesome Screenshot

    George Takei's Facebook Page liked, a snippet from his page cmu <- thats facebook talk for 'crack me up' - im still learning

    why is it that I can like some pages but not other pages? anybody got any time to help me set my page up a bit better, walk me through the options etc drop me a line

    - got a new optin while I slept from a new share
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  • Profile picture of the author Mark T Lucas
    Just started my own Facebook page. Thanks for all the interesting insights.
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    Just great idea!
    I've already start using Fan page for business, and the listed above are absolutely help.

    Don't worry be happy!

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    Good approach.
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    Great case study. Looks like you are getting good results.
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    My niches are not that interesting, so the facebook crowd might not have interest in those niches. So, I'm planning on creating a page with an opt-in and driving traffic through facebook ads. I'd rather have a list of subscribers than fans actually.
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    I found that FB pages work the best with local traffic, sales and offline opportunities for me because I'm known in my area and do more offline work then online. It's similar to using any other method really. It's all about building relationships and word of mouth that initially help build reputations. Then of course having great product(s) and/or service(s) contributes too. Once these are in place, things seem to take on a life of their own with the FB pages and the business.

    I don't use the FB message system to bombard FB members, or spam the pages with ads. To me, all that does is spam people and can get a person's account closed or get them banded. If I have a good product or service and refer them to my page and have them refer me to their friends, I get triple the customers/ jobs and cash then I would otherwise. Persistance and followup are 2 important keys.
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      Originally Posted by mmurtha

      Persistance and followup are 2 important keys.
      Yup this is soo true I am probably about to find out today, I didn't do any work or posts on fb yesterday and the 0 optin count proves that, what I'm worried about is whether missing a day is going to have a major effect. Im thinking this because so often if ive started wathcing a tv series, get totally into it only to find I miss a day and never watch it again. hope this isnt correct.

      Originally Posted by aarthielumalai

      My niches are not that interesting, so the facebook crowd might not have interest in those niches.
      The best part about fb I've found is you can operate it like a tv station, provide mostly entertainment and then odd advert here and there. lets be honest here, no one turns on the tv to watch adverts but if they didnt work, TV would've shut down years ago.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jaysmyne
    That is an awesome share. I started a facebook page for my personal blog and I reach an average of 200 users per day. I too bought a "like" package and it helped me gain a large reach. Mind you I don't really sell anything with my facebook page - but it has increased the viewers to my blog and in turn my site is more appealing to people who wish to advertise.
    Xoxo, Danielle Faith
    Xo, Faith and DanielleFaith.me
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    Nice share. It's pretty hard to get the fanpage idea started cause people have to feel safe by liking it only if their friend does. At least you have your friends to get you started.
    My Personal Blog. Check it out, you'll get addicted :)
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