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Just a quick question. Do any of you sell / market products and/or services to specific countries? For example, you may be selling a product that only applies to the USA market.

Just trying to gauge whether this is something that happens often, or whether IM is usually aimed at a global audience

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    It's often best to advertise your products or services using the American Dollars currency, as this is the wider market due to a higher population. However, you could also have scripts to change the price and currency depending on the visitor's location.

    Also, even the way you talk or write may be targeting a country or culture without you even realising it. For example, the americanisms and differences between British English and American English.

    In addition, if you're into the sports niche, some sports would be more popular in certain countries. This is just one example of many differences which you must take into account.

    Hope i've helped

    - James.
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    Thanks James. Some useful insights there.

    I didn't really word my question very well - I guess what I'm asking is whether many products / services are sold are done so to a targeted market, or whether most IMers promote global-based products.
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      Presently I have products that are strictly for the U.S. market. It's not that other markets couldn't benefit from them but they deal with specific processes and I'm not sure what the process is in other countries.

      I'm also working on products that will have a global appeal. These products will probably be digital products so that I don't have to deal with overseas delivery.

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        Hi N7

        I market some products just in the UK but digital products i market worldwide. In practice nearly all myu customers come from the USA

        What's your real name?

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          I market to people in Brazil. Yes, Brazil.....
          None of my customers are American or even speak English (I speak Portuguese).
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    Hi Ken,

    I'm Tim - sorry, sometimes include that in my posts, other times I don't. Bad habits.

    Thanks for your responses - when you market something at a specific country, how do you go about ensuring this? Or does it not matter? For example, say you have a product you market specifically to the UK; how do you prevent buyers from other countries purchasing the product, or do you not mind (I guess this depends on the product itself).

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