List building advice - use OTO?

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I'm about to start the process of building an IM list.

I have a great, helpful ebook I'm ready to use as a giveaway.

However, I thought about creating another to sell as an OTO in my autoresponder so I can make back some of my advertising costs.

Or, should I just not use an OTO and build the list with only the free ebook?

Does it affect the list relationship too much to try and sell something to them right away in the first autoresponse?
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    I wouldn't try and sell them something in the very first email, or they might get annoyed. Wait until one or two have gone by, depending on how many you send per week. On th other hand if you have lots of good value content in your email they might not mind a subtle offer to buy something that could really help them.
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    Test, test and test some more. There is no exact answer for any of your marketing. Marketers are like scientists. The only thing we can do is test, tweak, track and keep doing all three until you find what works best.
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    The answer is ....TEST IT.

    By offering a freebie on the front end, you'll no doubt end up with more tyre kickers than buyers on your list. I know of several marketers that end up flushing a large portion of their list because many simply download the freebie, and never bother to confirm or come back.

    You'll have to make a decision. Build a list of qualified buyers, or just "build a list".

    Something tells me you shouldn't be offering IM advice if something as simple as this has you stumped.

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    if you dont have a oto right away it doesnt matter you can always create one as you go and then add it into your funnel later

    having a oto does increase your profits yes and using oto`s are very profitable

    if your using paid traffic such as things like solo ads, ppc etc then having a oto is very important

    your oto is just the start though, because once you have a oto included you can the think about an upsell, exit pop ups and downsells

    here is a thread i created a while back which you may find useful

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      I do a free offer -> OTO immediately, followed up by a couple of daily OTOs in the email in addition to content in the email.

      I'd at least do the Free -> OTO on the thanks page, so as to help reduce the acquisition cost and break even or near break even if possible on CPC and solo ads.

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    Just test your funnel. But if you are using paid traffic like Solo ads, then it's really good to have a OTO so you can get your money back even make profit. If your subscribers decide not to buy your OTO then it's okay just give them their free gift and follow up them with valuable content and then when the relationship has built, then you can send them paid offer and also continue to provide them with useful free information.

    Of course, there maybe people that get annoyed with your OTO but there also people who love your what you're offering in your OTO and become your loyal subscribers. If there is someone that doesn't like you then just leave him and just focus with people that love you. Good luck.
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    Doing some test and stick to method that giving you the best result
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    An oto is exactly that, a once off thing, don't confuse oto with follow up sequence, what's the use of putting in all that effort to build a "freebie seekers" list? And every experienced marketer will tel you the money is made on the back-end, so why not have something on the back-end?

    If people are subscribing to the freebie and not taking your paid product, just check everything, sales page, copy etc etc.

    You won't know unless you try your tactic and see what results you get, only then will you be able to tweak and improve.

    All The Best
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    You should defiantly use an OTO, but don't do it in the autoresponder series. I would put it right after they opt-in to your freebie squeeze page.

    I have an example you can check out below if you would like. Thats how I do it.

    Good Luck
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    Why not? OTOs are great because you earn something
    right off the bat. And if you build your list with solo ads,
    you'll get some of your money back, if not all.
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    I would say try to sell at the first attempt, and keep tracking software so that you can know who bought and who didn't buy, those didn't buy then send them periodical emails..

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      I suggest you:

      1) Launch your Product.

      2) Introduce the OTO later on the thank you page.

      3) Introduce a "Thanks to those who downloaded. For those who didn't: [LINK TO OFFER]" email into your autoresponder sequence. This is a subtle way of offering the product again whilst giving thanks to the buyers. You might want to include some additional, useful info in this email too.

      4) Broadcast the above email to your list to reach those who aren't likely to see the message in the sequence.

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        I would suggest just adding a few affiliate links/product links in your freebie. It can be you just saying what hosting company or domain registrar that you go through. That in it of itself will make you a small return on the front end.

        I do agree that most of your money is in the back end with your own products and a really good relationship with your list. This means contacting them out of the blue or answering emails within a timely manner goes a long way.

        Don't worry about making any money in the beginning. I will spend almost $1000 cultivating a list and get barely anything in return as far as money. What I do get is a list that I can create relationships with.

        Selling them will only drive them away. What you can do is send out a link in your 2nd email with a poll. They can vote for some question like "What is your biggest problem when it comes to making money online? Then give them a few answers to choose from like A. Traffic B. List Building C. Website Creation D Knowledge of the Business.

        You can use this data and send them an email saying the poll results with a note saying in the next week you will be going over this certain field that they are struggling with and a few recommended products.

        Try what I suggested above and you will see a huge jump in not only conversions but loyalty.

        Hope this Helps

        Clowns are scary!

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          remember one very important thing:

          you need to build a STRONG relationship with your subscribers before you ask them for money. Don't send them many messages after they join your list.

          Treat your subscribers as PERSONS.

          Keep in touch with them often, ask them how you can help em with their business, send em many gifts(ebooks, free reports, whatever), give VALUE to your subscribers, don't mail em ONLY to promote a product or they will unsubscribe from your list immediately.

          You have to instill credibility, they need to perceive you as an authority in your niche.

          If you do this, they will perceive you as a teacher and will listen to everything you have to say.
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    This is a new post with good advice on list building and OTO.

    As John says "TEST IT" because your niche, your traffic source and your list are unique could be different to everyone else's. And if you can't be bother to test it -- I like the idea but never really do -- then just get some results and try to do things better next time
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  • List building should be done organically by:
    Collecting business cards at industry events
    Including opt-in forms on all pages of your website
    Asking subscribers to forward your email newsletter to friends and having them sign up as well
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      Obviously, you can get started without the OTO and then add it later when it is ready. However, I strongly recommend that you have something in the funnel to help recoup marketing costs, even if it is just a direct link to an affiliate offer after the opt-in. Find something that is closely related in both content and style to your free offer and then direct your autoresponder to the salespage.
      I would not recommend putting the OTO in your welcome email, except perhaps within the signature, as you may risk putting people off straightaway.

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    I think you should apply the ethical bribe method by giving out free ebook in exchange for someone's email and name. OTO comes when you build relationship with your list via email follow ups. I have a few interesting email marketing articles in my blog. I think these will help you. Please let me know what do you think about it.
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    I sell to folks in the first email. And it works well for me.
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