Would Love Some Advice! First Time In A Health Niche...

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I recently contracted an illness. It was BLOODY painful!

But...the Warrior in me decided to take my experience and turn it into a profitable venture.

I'd be super-grateful if you'd look over my product proposal, and suggest any improvements...

Thanks in advance,

1. Squeeze page with a free "Secret Remedy"

(N.B. the remedy actually works...so well in fact, that it's the sole reason I'm targetting this niche...it really is a secret, too...it's highly effective for instant pain relief, but my motivation is to target the pain prevention market...)

2. "Secret Remedy" Report

(...in which I tell my back-story + my secret + the next step (controlling the illness)- once again, this isn't some kind of bluff...it's my story...it's my own remedy...and it's my sincere endorsement. Yes, it's affiliated. Yes, I also believe it's highly effective)

This is my first foray into "health".

Notwithstanding any issues with website traffic (I have that problem sorted ), I suppose I'm looking for your opinions on my squeeze/secret approach.

...And your opinions are most welcome.

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    It boils down to specifics. How common is the ailement and how badly do people want to rid themselves of it? If you've come across a real cure to a common health problem then you should charge for it right up front. Of course, it's hard to give advice without a few more details on what you've found.

    For example, if you've found a legitimate treatment for herpes there is no need to try and capture names up front. The strategy with such a cure would be to create a sales page illustrating that you've really got something. As for an upsell, you can easily get the name and email addy down the line after you've made the initial sale - and once you have a happy customer you won't need to go with the double opt-in method.

    I'd like to know more about what you're offering. Otherwise we're all second guessing what you have...
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    Having been involved in hundreds of clinical trials, I think I am safe in saying that there are no 'secret' remedies - but some remedies are very selective in who they are effective on. For example, aspirin and paracetamol no longer give me any pain relief while caffein works fine.

    You are very careful to say that your solution is for pain prevention. Be aware that pain is nature's way of telling your body that something is wrong and showing people how to turn off the burglar alarm could get them burgled!

    Do you qualify for professional indemnity insurance?
    Are you a medical professional?
    Has your remedy for pain prevention been tested?

    I know that, in the UK, the penalties for practicing medicine without a licence are quite severe and you seem to be veering into territory that is regulated by several different bodies. It would only take one pharmacist, nurse or doctor to write to his/her professional body questioning your methodology to have you closed down.

    Maybe you should be talking to your doctor to see if he/she will provide a testimonial as to the benefits you enjoyed from your process.

    You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
    Build it, make money, then build some more
    Some old school smarts would help - and here's to Rob Toth for his help. Bloody good stuff, even the freebies!

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    I'm with Tina on this one. There does seem to be a pattern in most health niches of the prospects being satisfied very quickly should you offer a fix of any kind. (temporary or otherwise) The concept of 'leave them wanting more' should be uppermost in your thoughts when developing your campaign, otherwise you'll lose them at first base.

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      Personally, I have never found the "I have a Secret" method for health issues as a good marketing tool.

      I think a better approach is this is what happened to me, this is what has happened to others , this is the solution I found.

      Then offer a series of tools they can use to help them with problem that is affecting them.

      And as stated above a good disclaimer everywhere on your site on every page that appears to have medical data or advise.

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