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Hi Everyone,

I'm starting up a minisite design business and would like to add a few quotes about the importance of professional minisite design on my home page. I figured this would be a great place to get a few. If anyone has seen improvements in conversions by a redesign that would be awesome too.

Thanks ahead of time!

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    Have you got any porevious works, and what price range would you be aiming for?
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    • Yeah, I've been messing around with it for years. I'm still undecided on pricing.
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    Show me some of your sites that you have already made please.
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    • The last one I did was for a warrior... fitnessbootcampprofits.com

      I also did graphicsformarketers.com, but I changed the name and got a new domain before I got into the copy.
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    Hi there
    This is what i did when I got started in the internet marketing graphics thing. I did a search on some ebooks, checked out their sites, if they were horrendous, I offered them a free redo just a header/footer and ecover. VERY simple. They then sent some testimonials. I actually never posted them and still don't but it gave me good experience and real portfolio of work. Recently I wrote the guy i did my very first ecover for and redid his entire site at no cost, my first ecover was a wreck, but he loved it at the time and that's what mattered, but now I AM happy with it!
    So bottom line, go free or go super cheap to get your portfolio going.
    I am taking on only ecover design work for the next 90 days. Rates are 47.00 for single cover, discounts for multiple..just ask! No payment until completed.
    http://www.d27portfolio.com for sample works
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    I did the same thing BrainDance did. I offered freebies in the main forum though. I think I just made a simple post saying, free minisites or ecovers for the first 10 warriors or something. People loved it, I instantly had a portfolio and testimonials to get started. I turned a profit my first month month in business and have grown every month since. Now, I actually do full time graphic work for a warrior who found me here.

    Designer, marketer, Wordpress guru.

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    • Thanks for the tips guys. I do have some testimonials I can use already, but I was just trying to get a quote or two mentioning the importance of good site design as a whole, not for my personal work.

      For example, "Professional minisite design is one of the most important investments you can make as an online business owner. If you have poor design, many potential customers are leaving your site before they even read your copy. Now how much is that costing you?", or something to that effect. I'll obviously be making points like this myself on the sales page, but would also like to have a third party perspective. You know what I mean?
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