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any good paid traffic which you use and think its worth using again and again ?

Please share..

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    Yep, banner ads placed on specifically targeted websites. Test a few and when you find ones that bring consistent leads, simply leave to do their job and go find more websites.

    Facebook ads work very well too. This paid traffic method can be very profitable depending on the niche. PPC ads are by far the best if you do your homework.

    I'm sure the usual suspects will be on soon banging on about their solo ads, but I think they are far less targeted, saturated and full of freebie seekers. They're cheap and you can build a list very quickly, but in my opinion they are less responsive to high ticket promotions.

    All work very well, it's simply a matter of testing what works best for you though. The quality of your sales funnel will most likely determine the overall profitability of any paid method you use.
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    i have tried facebook ads, bing ppc, yahoo ppc and lots of other paid methods

    for quickness and effectiveness solo ads are very hard to beat

    what ever paid traffic source you use the most important part of your campaign is
    "your sales funnel"

    so as long as you have a half decent sales funnel in place then solo ads are a great option

    you could quite easily build a huge list very quickly if you wanted to and if you have a good sales funnel in place you end up making a lot of your costs back fairly quickly too

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    Google content network is excellent and is by far my favourite.

    I have tried many more including PPV and mobile marketing but I always come back to the google content network.
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    Ya, paid traffic is great source other than search engine, when people are tired with SEO.
    Also some companies that claimed to be able to send more traffic and the conversions.

    Don't worry be happy!

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    Banner ads targeting forums in my niche. They work really well for me
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      It would be interesting to see which specific PPC sources people are using...

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    I don't agree - the best traffic is organic search engine - your visitors are very targeted because they find your site for the terms they have an interest. Spend time building a quality SEO site and you have long term success.
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    You can visit some related blogs and check some blogs if they are suitable to your product, it would really be good method of advertising and getting good conversion rate.
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    I'd recommend you look into buying banner ads on relevant High Traffic blogs - there a great place to get traffic because you know that's where you're target audience is.

    If you have the cash then it's a great option to have but do your research first so you only buy your traffic from the best possible sources.
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  • Social networking site ads are great sources of traffic given that the ad you place is attractive enough. Also, you could go with banner ads on specialty sites that are in accordance to your niche.

    Anyway, it's never wrong to do some more research because even though WF might be a good source of information nothing beats good research coupled with your instincts.

    Good Luck!

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    Originally Posted by punjabi View Post


    any good paid traffic which you use and think its worth using again and again ?

    Please share..


    Hi, Punjabi

    Consider solo ads, it will be more slective and targeted as well, explore yourself in safe swap and i'll pm you some useful link

    Talk soon
    Patrick Wang
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