Is there a way to get my articles reviewed?

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Hi there warrior members,

I am Salman and I am working on making my first website. It's about reviewing dating and seduction products and programs alongside providing quality tips and advices. Now I've written a dozen articles or so, but I'm not sure if they are good quality content. Is there any way I could get my articles checked or reviewed?
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  • There is a very helpful site called, they love to give advice and help our newbs.

    Or you could try posting some here... or on Squidoo.
    Great content can turn your website into a GOLDMINE.

    So why are you are paying for lame copy that just lays there?
    Get noticed with content that gets ATTENTION.
    PM me to get content that gets you NOTICED.
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    I checked out the site. It is not very user friendly. Is there any other site you could suggest me?
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    Ask someone to review it. You may have to pay them money, but that is to be expected.
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    There are several free online spellcheckers and grammar checkers (just Google it) plus you might want to join a few writing forums and ask for a review.
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