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I am going to create a review site for some products in the near future, however I want to keep my affiliate links out of the address bar when people click the links to the product. In your opinion is link cloaking sufficient enough or should I go ahead and register some domains and redirect through them? If I do redirect through a domain, would it hurt to use a .info? My budget is kind of tight and I need to save money wherever possible
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    There's really no need for seperate domains/sites to redirect through - you can use the one your review site is on. Set up a 'recommends' or 'forward' directory, and put your redirect pages in it.

    After the redirect, the address bar will still show whatever the landing page url is. If they still show an affiliate id tacked onto the end of the link you can't really get around it without stuffing or trying to iframe it (both of which stir up a lot of disagreements around here).


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