Elements of winning eBook covers that gain you more subscribers?

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I'd be interested to hear from email marketers who use eBooks to entice the opt-in.

What elements of your promotional ebook cover do you think play an important role in your opt-in rates?

Killer Title?

Great Graphics?


Having the cover branded to your site by use of logos/images/colors?

Or, do you think none of this even matters and that the cover image is simply "busy work" to grab the attention of the eye for your opt-in form pitch?

Looking forward to some discussion.
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    I think a cover that is targeted is one of the most important elements - something that catches the eye of the targeted audience.

    Way too many generic e-covers out there - first impressions are everything!
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    Whilst an attractive, eye-catching cover is important, people optin because they want the content in your ebook. So the subject matter must be of greater importance.

    I certainly don't choose to optin to anyone's list, merely because the cover is attractive or eye-catching. If the subject matter promises to solve a problem or inform me about something that I wish to learn about, then I'll optin.

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      Warning - Pure Opinion Ahead. Proceed at your own risk...

      I think that a bad cover will do you more harm than a good cover will help. I don't really care for 3-D covers because too many people use them to misrepresent what they are offering. For example, showing what would proportionately be a 300 page hardcover book and offering a 20 page brief or report.

      If the cover reinforces the perception of value being offered without setting up mental disconnects, it's a good cover. Title, sub-title and graphics all reinforcing the benefit being offered.

      That's my opinion, based purely on my own reactions as a consumer. Remember, I did warn you...
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    In this order:

    Graphics, Images - should somehow relate to the report or product. Smiling, attractive women far outpull angry men or even smiling men for that matter (I bring this up only because there seems to be a trend where people think a scowling, angry face is somehow going to win the confidence of a stranger)

    Clever, benefit-oriented title

    Concise and brief description of the product
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  • Even though the appearance of your squeeze page and ecover graphics etc are important in order to increase your optin rate, if 99.9% of your follow up messages are nothing more than desperate attempts to promote clickbank products using dinosaur tactics abolished back in 2006, you will then be left wondering why this "email marketing" is not working for you. I mean, it should be working, because treating your list this way is what you were told to do when you read that free shiny ebook that you downloaded right?
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  • I'd say sleek, clean looking graphics is the most important thing. Simple color scheme, basic logo, symmetical design. Here's an example from Eben Pagan (under his pen name "David DeAngelo"):


    This is one of the best selling info products ever.

    Now, let me ask you, what features really stick out? I'd say three things:

    1. Very simple color scheme.

    2. No tacky, scammy-looking graphics (i.e. pics of boobs or cash).

    3. Nice simple logo up top.

    4. Simple text: title, description, author name, and that's it.

    Come to think of it, doesn't this look like a nice, professional book cover, just like something you'd find in a book store?

    That's what you should be aiming for. And you should expect to pay more than $20 if you want to get it; the fiverr guys are all cranking out scammy looking collages of stock graphics that usually have cheesy pictures of cash and other things that make 90% of potential subscribers run away in terror.

    Just my two cents.
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