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Hey everyone,

At least once or twice a week usually more i see a thread about how someone hates click bank and then there are about 50 replies saying yea i hate click bank.

Though sometimes there are positive threads more times they are negative.

Just want to say that this thread is not meant to put down click bank.

So anyway I read this article a couple of days ago, that someone out there has proof that click bank is stealing commissions from its affiliates. I personally don't know what to believe but in the articles it says that this guy had enough proof that the FBI may be investigating click bank. Again i don't know if this is true but it got me thinking.

If or if not click bank is stealing commissions i had an idea.

Why not come up with something like click bank for warriors.

Now i know that click bank has the reputation for the number one holder for digital products.

But think about how many people are on the warrior forum and post and read every day.

I would say at least 10,000+ people come to the warrior forum every day share there ideas read threads ...

Out of those 10,000 people probably 1000 have a product of there own some probably have 20+ products of there own.

So warriors could have a click bank of there own with warrior products and warrior affiliates.

Just so this way instead of promoting someone's product you have never actually spoke to / don't know what kind of person it is

you could promote someone's product you like a lot

As well to keep it "cleaner" to add your product / become an affiliate you would have to be a member of the forum and be referred by someone.

I'm not sure how much it would cost to put together a script so that you could run a click bank like site probably thousands.

I think you can see where i'm going with this

Probably a horrible idea but just wanted to share

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    The script/software isn't really the issue. Clickbank is at the top because of their payment/merchant capabilities.

    I don't think anyone in the current legal and financial environment could get a merchant account to do what CB does without a few million to get it running.

    There used to be a LOT of companies that did what CB did. They all caved under mismanagement, shutdowns by their merchant bank and fraud just to name a few.

    Despite the hiccups along the way CB is the only company that has never ever failed to pay me on time....even 9 years ago when the checks weren't even worth mentioning in amount.

    I think someone could compete with them, but honestly it's such a high risk business I doubt many would want to.

    There is always PDC if you want to handle things yourself and 2Checkout as alternatives.
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