3 Online Marketing Success Lessons..

by Gerald Arno Banned
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So many newbies have been constantly asking what they should do to make money online, what they should not do, how to get into the black and much more.

I wanted to share with you the following lessons that had a significant impact on my own journey in online marketing.

Hope this will clarify a lot of questions as well as provide additional information. If you have any idea to add, please do that!

Lesson #1: Having the warrior attitude.

You have to know why you are in the business and what you want to get out. Just doing it because the mass is doing it is simply not going to cut it. You have to have a very good reason for what you do online, baked with a strong desire to achieve.

Way too many people get into a business model fast just to get out as fast as they got into it. If you are quitting before you can succeed, how on earth can you ever reach success online? You can't really quit in the middle of the battle with the hope that you will find a better chance. This is not how online marketing works.

You either quit right at the beginning because it's not the right thing or you don't quit UNTIL you reached success. If you quit in the middle you will always be doomed to failure.

Lesson #2: Getting proper information from research and/or coaching.

There are really only 2 ways how you can acquire information, through research or coaching.

Research is anything that has to do with you getting the information you need to produce the desired results. You can gain information by doing research on the web, forums, reading eBooks or figuring out certain things yourself. All of that is proactive action that can be of tremendous value for your business.

If you receive coaching from a successful marketer, we are talking about reactive action. In most cases, coaching is the best way to gain information for any demanding market. Learning from someone who has done what you want to do successfully is a shortcut to success. Doing it yourself without knowing one of the fastest ways will always cost more time and money.

Lesson #3: Don't stop improving once you have reached success.

This is one of the most common obstacles between you and continues success. I've experienced this myself and it can be a real success killer. It's easy to stop producing once you have reached a certain income level. You think you are the best at this moment and nothing bad can happen. Sooner than later, you will fall behind, meaning lose momentum in your business.

You lose momentum because you stopped taking consistent actions. As we know, a loss of momentum and action is something that you can correct, but don't forget that lost time is something that you can never recover.

Wishing you success for your highly profitable online business,

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    Nice post but it's still the basic. Can you share more of your experiences here?
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    Lesson #2 is very important. I've found so many helpful warriors here. There's a ton of useful resources and advice to get newbies started.
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