Fiverr-like sites: are they really useful?

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I (almost oftenly can say ) bought "Get rich with Fiverr" courses, at the end of which there's a big list of Fiverr-like/competitors sites.

Do you use them? How much traffic do they brings? How many conversion compared to the total and to Fiverr? :confused:

Any help is appreciated!
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    I do use few Fiverr-like sites and they do work. But it takes some time to find good deals. I usually buy stuff from there to outsource something. Create a video or ecover or FB likes for example. I don't think you can get any good traffic from there. Buy a video, use it for video marketing, buy FB likes to start out and let your page go viral (let others to share it).
    Or you can create a flyer to advertise your product and give someone $5 to hand 50-100 flyers out in their school or city. If your offer is good, you make few sales. You need to think outside the box

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    On the none fiverr sites the key is to drive traffic to your gigs yourself. Unlike on fiverr where you can get quite a bit of traffic just by posting your gig.
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    To spend $5 bucks, to get traffic to offer what earns you $5 bucks. Or spend $5 and promote something what earns $100+ per sale? So i don't see any point buying gigs from fiverr-like sites to promote your own fiverr gigs. I would still promote my own sites/offers.

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    Well Margo, maybe the Fiverr gig has an upsell funnel or a lead capture section so that you can market to that buyer via email. My 2 cents
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    I wonder how many of those fiverr guys would not be willing to promote their competitor with traffic when there is so much competition on the site itself?
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    I think what he means is you must send your own traffic from forums and such. Not use paid traffic

    You guys should try SEOClerks
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    I've used Fiverr numerous times and always had a good transaction. They've been very useful to my online business, but it is a case of buyer beware. Always check out reviews before purchasing a Fiverr gig. Now, making money on Fiverr? Never had much luck with that.
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    No clone does better than the original. Those sites maybe useful but why should I use them when everything is available on fiverr?

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    I don't think any fiverr alternative will work great as fiverr.Fiverr has gone viral and it has lot of traffic.Fiverr alternatives are just a clone site that can do nothing
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    I do not believe that Fiverr alternatives are as popular as their original counterpart. Therefore, I do not believe that they are useful.
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    Gigbucks is equally good like Fiverr, Try it
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    Using fiverr or its competing sites doesnt always get you traffic, its the thing which you are going to offer there & that must create a catch when any looks for it....

    Always optimize your offerings with good keywords
    Use giveaways / offers in bulk
    Use priority to Small / medium sized firms

    Hope you ll like the share
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    From my experience, the biggest problem you'll have with a Fiverr clone site is having your members negotiate within your site, to make a transaction off of your site, ergo elminating you as the middleman and getting the commission for bringing together the buyer and seller.
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    Interesting all I'm reading about fiverr.
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    If you are a seller there is no reason why you wouldn't spend 5 minutes to join and create gigs/jobs on the top 10 fiverr clones out there.

    It is free, what do you have to lose?

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    As a seller I maybe would use they other sites to promote my stuff, but as a buyer I only buy from fiverr. The Experience I had with fiverr was just great. For higher paying jobs I use or elance.

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    There should be a similar site to fiverr, but everything is $20 This would allow the quality to go up vastly. Maybe there's already a site?
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    I doubt that any alternative would work as proper as fiverr...
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    I used many fiverr like site but none of them compare to fiverr. I get good sales on fiverr. SEOclerks is a good alternative but much much sales like fiverr
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    I have never tried fiverr-like sites because I like fiverr so much. The only drawbacks for seller is high fee, 20% of $5.

    The idea is original always win, isn't it?
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