Want to Be My Tech Partner? Technophobe Needs Help

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I'm a pretty good writer. I've been doing it professionally since I was a teenager, and I've done everything from television commericials to a newspaper column and almost everything in between.

I am not, however, what you would call technically savy. I am what you might charitably call a stone headed caveman who is lucky his computer doesn't actually burst into flames when he turns it on.

This is a problem.

My other problem is that I'm flat broke busted. Unexpected bills plus clients going under leaving me unpaid makes for an unhappy and unfunded caveman. So rather than trying to outsource with money I don't have, I'm looking for a partner.

Specifically, I'm looking for someone to handle the technical bits of setting up websites and all the fancy stuff I can't reasonably do well. I'll create the content and handle the marketing aspect, and you make sure we keep running.

I've got a very good idea for a large, largely untapped market, so I think with the right person we could do well. If you think you might be the one, shoot an email at justinjordan at gmail, and we'll talk. Make sure to mention the forum in your subject line in case you end up in my spam filter.

Oh, and if you want an idea of my writing, google justin jordan comics and you'll get your fill.

Thanks for your time, and I hope it's okay to post this here - none of the other sections seemed quite right.
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