Best resources to learn IM?

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Hey there, I am 18 and looking to get into I.M.

I was wondering where you awesome people learned I.M from, and if you had any advice that could help me out, like where to get started and what the fundamentals are.

Regards Tim
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    Right here in the Warrior Forum. Just hang out here and soak up all the useful information. You won't regret it.
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    Hi Tim,

    This forum is your best bet.

    EVERYTHING you need to know is here, aswell as a great community with answers and experience for all situations.

    Just be prepared for it to take time and work out what sort of business you would like to end up with.

    It's easy to get distracted by false promises of quick riches when you start - so be careful to keep your money in your pocket.

    nothing to see here.

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    Wow, I can already tell this forum has a strong and friendly community

    My brain keeps telling me this isn't realistic. Is it really possible to make a good living off I.M, for a mere mortal like me?
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    Learning IM is a long process, don't try to speed it up. You can learn it for yourself, no matter what anyone tells you. Reading is your best bet...that and a lot of researching.
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    Ask a lot of very specific questions on forums. Vague questions get vague, worthless answers.

    Bad: How can I make $50 a week online?

    Good: My skills are ___, ___ and ___. I have $__ and __ hours per week to spend on this. I'm willing to give this a shot for ___ weeks/months before I need to see good results. Considering my situation, what's the best direction to go?

    Diversify the forums you read. They all have their own ways since people of the same mindset tend to congregate together. It's good to get mixed opinions. Avoid reading blogs entirely (unless it's someone who posts general news). They are hot air 99% of the time. Do not under any circumstances buy bizop training courses this early in the game regardless of them being $500 or just $5. It isn't so much the loss of money as it is the wasted time implementing their generally bad ideas.

    I'd highly recommend getting some mainstream marketing books from Amazon (meaning stuff written by proven talents with impressive backgrounds in corporate America). Journalism books will help too.
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    Go to the Make Money Online section and read all the eBooks you can.

    There is no opt-in and just take the ideas of it. Don't try to build your first business off of an eBook.

    Good Luck
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    I read this book by a guy named Terry Dean called, "10 Quick And Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Sales Overnight" (or something like that). Then i started reading all of his articles and he gave me a great insight of what i should be doing to make money online.

    One thing he said that stuck out to me was... "If you dont have a list, you dont have an internet business". So build a list, have a product ready, and keep marketing to them.
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    I'm surprised that noone's mentioned Ed Dale's The Challenge yet. It's a great step-by-step guide about how to set up your own micro-niche website.
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    I agree with everyone, all the information you need is right here and you can also ask questions if you like and we will more than happy to give you an advice. Keep reading for you to determine what you want. Good Luck
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    All from Google....Sorry but Google search is still the best source to learn anything. Simple and free.
    Eastern Odyssey | The Definitive Guide to Asia
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      As a beginner to IM, it's important to take small sure baby steps. You're building a foundation and it better be good. If you can find a mentor, nothing like it. But the only way for you to learn is to learn on the job.
      So I agree, look out for beginner resources (plenty available here or even if you Google it), and just assimilate the info. Don't get carried away with numbers or hype! Read a lot and come up with a plan. Finally, stick to your plan!
      All the best!
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    Just hang out here. Don't buy any books or "training". It is ALL FREE. Hang out enough. Ask a lot of questions. AND ACT ON THE FREE ADVICE. Learn from FAILURE. Welcome it as a LEARNING OPPORTUNITY.
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