Advice Required For Frustrated IM'er. Please Help!!

by Mike82
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Hello. I'm a frequent visitor to WF and I'm really hoping to get some good advice please.

I've spent a lot of time reading and researching all the various avenues of 'Internet Marketing', even purchasing some WSOs here and there; and although I have a reasonable "working knowledge" of most stuff, and decent set of skills, I'm not sure where I need to start or what I should be doing.

Basically, I need to be able to generate a minimum net income of £1,000(/$1,500) per month, consistently. Ideally I'd like to have a simple system/program in place that works and can be built upon to generate this income with regularity (and 2x 3x 4x with growth), but I absolutely need to start earning and make my minimum target ASAP.

I'm acquiring knowledge but I need advice on the right actions to take to get started in the best way (rather than going round in circles chasing my tail!). I'm not entirely sure what the "currently working" methods are and what are outdated things, or things to avoid to get into now. I've dabbled a bit in CPA but never really got far, had some luck with PPC for affiliate programs before Google kept changing, and recently tested some ClickBank products via blogs and video marketing; but it never quite felt like I was doing something with longevity, just working hard on trying to make a days earnings not necessarily working smart to ensure income for tomorrow.

I have full-time hours available each day to work at making money from IM, but no real money to invest (yet!) in PPC or membership programs, so whatever I do to build a business to meet my minimum target will have to be via free traffic methods; but I really have to start making some income as soon as possible, one way or another.

Anyway, I don't want to type too much, but that's the general picture. I've always found this a good forum to read with experienced people, so hopefully I can get some great advice from members. Many thanks in advance!
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    There are a ton of things you could be doing and I'm sure you'll hear all of them here.

    If I could go back to where you are right now though, here is honestly what I would do.

    I would keep learning.
    I would not buy anymore WSO's.

    I WOULD:

    Create a great website in a niche that I am interested in. I would write posts as often as I could, and I would make a ton of social accounts to link with that site (Twitter, FB, Reddit...and any others you can think of).

    I would make 1 huge site instead of tons of junky small ones, and I wouldn't chase dreams of instant riches with the newest system or whatever.

    I know this is boring advice, but it's the most realistic. If making $1500/Month was something that anyone could do with a "system" then people wouldn't fail at this.

    There are millions of variables. But if you stick with it and do something you truly enjoy it's got to be so much harder to truly fail.

    I've tried a lot of instant things, and since none of them have ever worked for me I've then been forced to wait for a lot of things.

    All of the good things truly have came to me as a result of having to wait for results.

    You CAN do this, but you just have to stop listening to the guys who are trying to sell you "turnkey" profits or anything instant or anything that sounds even close to being too good to be true.
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      STOP WHAT YOUR DOING. Do not buy another WSO. Create some content and put it in an ebook. Create a capture page and give this ebook away or maybe create a newsletter, either way make sure the content is excellent.

      Give an incentive to your list to share your info. Focus on building your list. Keep on creating great content and build a relationship with your prospects.

      Work backwards to figure out how you will make $1500 a month. Do you want to have a membership that hass 100 people at $15 or 30 people at $49.99? This will depend on your niche.

      Or you can create a buzz and launch a product.

      There is a lot that goes into this obviously. If you do not want to create your own product you will still need your list. A responsive list is what's important, but I think you can position yourself correctly. I know some people that have monster lists and make mostly affliate sales.

      I wish you the best of luck and always remember to achieve at least one thing today that will bring you closer to your goal tomorrow. Do this everyday!

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    Thanks for the advice Wally, much appreciated. I've tried a few of those turnkey-type programs before, which is why I'm going back to the drawing board, to revise my approach, and build something consistent.
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    Thanks N8 - great advice, much appreciated.
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      Originally Posted by Mike82 View Post

      Thanks N8 - great advice, much appreciated.
      agree. good advice.
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    What niche do you want to enter into? Find blogs, forums, and article sites that you can participate on, and start leading people back to your site. Have a free offer available, and capture their email address so that you can start marketing to them after they've subscribed to your email newsletter. Sell your own product, or find one from Clickbank. Also get a website.... many reasons why you need one.
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    You can get everything you have ever wanted from a responsive email list of friends, fans and customers. Pick one hungry buying audience and start building a list in that market immediately. Two free traffic methods to get started are forum posting and guest blogging. You start building a relationship with your list and pitching affiliate products to your list and creating products to sell to your list. BOOM.
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      Originally Posted by willay View Post

      You can get everything you have ever wanted from a responsive email list of friends, fans and customers. Pick one hungry buying audience and start building a list in that market immediately. Two free traffic methods to get started are forum posting and guest blogging. You start building a relationship with your list and pitching affiliate products to your list and creating products to sell to your list. BOOM.
      He pretty much summed it up. Not too difficult.

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    You can also create simple websites, or blogs (with about 10 or so quality articles and some monetization strategies) and then sell them on flippa. Or you can buy cheap websites on flippa that create a bit of money each month, and then those will add up over time (but makes sure you do your research).

    -Start Getting Noticed On Twitter:
    -Visit my blog: - Tips for blogging, social media marketing, and online business.

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    The first thing you need to do is to decide what you want to do. You can't do it all so what are you going to start with? You have some experience in several different areas so which is it?

    If you don't know you need to do whatever it takes to get to know and that's something only you can provide. We all have our own histories, talents, experiences, likes, dislikes, etc. Selling a membership site may be right up your alley but would drive other people to drinking, for example.

    This may seem plain advice - but that's what you need. You don't need the newest gadget or widget or program or whatever. You don't need more information sounds like. You need to decide what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and then start doing it.


    PS If you have no money you may want to consider getting a job or doing some services to raise some while you're getting things going.
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    Thanks to all those who commented and offered advice in this thread. It has given me food for thought!
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    If you already spend time researching, and bought some WSO's then what stopped you from putting that information into action?

    We can give you advice and tell you another "system" or idea but you need to figure out why aren't you taking action and fix it.

    Because truthfully asking for advice is just gathering more information. And if you don't fix the reason that haven't already taken action, then you probably won't take any action on the information you get in this thread.

    I don't mean to sound like an a$$ but at some point you have to stop gathering information and just choose something and go with it.
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    Points taken. Thanks.
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    Consider using YouTube as traffic for CPA offers. There's a ton of free traffic there. After mastering how to create videos that YouTube likes and serves up, as well as videos that compel action, you should easily be able to reach your financial goals.
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    a friend of mine signed up for a website program called the keyword academy. You need to pay 20 or 30$ a month and they tutor you on how to build a adsense empire. My friend took their advice and doubled everything they told him to do and now hes making in between 2,000$ - 3,000$ a month with adsense plus his regular job so hes got his finances set. I only make money from my writing service lol.
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    Never,ever feel frustrated because nothing easy ever works.There is usually a hard work to do.Good luck to you as you change your mind for the positive.
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    Many thanks to the above posters for the advice.
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    If you know any services then you can offer your services to earn money online, I have seen content writers are earning good money, if you can write content you can earn good money as content writers are in demand today.
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    Offering services is easy way to earning money online, you can join some freelance sites and you can offer your services there.................everyone has any skill that can be used to provide service and earning money.

    Facebook Traffic Unleashed - How To Get Real RESULTS From Facebook Marketing Click Here

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    Lots of great info in here. Bookmarked.
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