Is this the right way to make money?

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So I'm thinking about creating small niche sites (15 articles) based around an affiliate product. I would target a good keyword and have a keyword domain. I would then write keyword rich articles on the site and submit to social bookmarking as well as ping services and search engine submission (basically the g sniper 2 method).

If I created one of these sites every two weeks, is it possible to make thousands a month from my empire of small affiliate sites?
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    There are so many factors that I couldn't give you a definitive answer on that plan.

    I'd suggest you start with one. Just do one and get it up by next Wednesday.

    For me, that plan would need too much work to manage. Think about it - if you do a new site/product every week you will be trying to manage and upkeep 48 different websites within a year. While you are building new sites, you will need to do some maintenance and freshening of the older sites (most likely).

    Personally I'd go more to the direction in creating a few (or one) authority sites that can manage several products under one roof with related items.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    The BACKLINKS strategy looks weak. You need SERIOUS backlinks / Post-Penguin backlinks to get some traction. All those "guru" stuff you read about need updating cuz Google doesn't stay static.
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    I would focus on building one high quality site first if I were you. Try to build an authority site in a niche you're passionate about and try ranking multiple keywords from that one site. Managing one site is also much easier than managing 38 sites
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    I would work with one niche site at a time until I see some good results. You won't know to continue or not with this strategy if you don't start small. Test things out and see if it is going well for you.
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    my tip is to test, start with 2 or 3 sites with the plan you have chosen and then track and tweak, good luck.
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    Originally Posted by rockmusic View Post

    If I created one of these sites every two weeks, is it possible to make thousands a month from my empire of small affiliate sites?
    Not with the prehistoric SEO plan you've described...
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    As the others above have already said build one big site. If you are in music niche you can eg. make a review site and create directories for guitar reviews, recording software reviews, etc. Then add your 15 articles to each directory and link them together.
    If you target different niches you can still go with one domain. BTW, it doesn't even have to be keyword rich.
    The people who sell those ancient methods and seo software don't care if you succeed, they care about making money, mostly by misleading customers and selling some outdated stuff.

    There is no such thing as post panda backlinks. Backlinks are either natural = (mostly) good or unnatural = (usually) worthless
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